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why every guy should buy his girlfriend a wii fit

Girlfriend must have made him change it. I saw it just a few minutes ago. Probably on the net somewhere else..:tongue:
Saw a somewhat young but quite large woman walk out of the Game Stop yesteday with one of those things. Her BF was slimmer than her, kinda buff. She was also carrying a frappucino which probably (and sadly) means the Fit will collect dust til the next spring-cleaning garage sale.

Oh yeah, the link's private.
The youtube link worked for me, maybe you have to be signed in?

You cannot use the Wii fit board if you weigh more than 200 pounds. There are warnings on that thing lol
Actually the max weight is 330 Lbs.
GF want one, but I have really tough time finding one. Sold out everywhere locally:frown:
$160 :confused: They had 4'x4' boxes last week at Costco for $68.00
Bike......weight bench and a pair of running shoes......whatever gets the job done. I'm not saying I would burn my personal money on one, I was just making it known that my company has them in stock and ships worldwide generally the same day the order is placed.