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Wideband AFR and other sensors - all the monitoring needed for forced induction CTSC


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1 August 2008
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Here's the Zeitronix setup from my car. This system allowed me to monitor all the engine's vitals via a laptop. This comes in super helpful when monitoring your vitals for your forced induction setup like a CTSC. I used this to fine tune the CTSC fueling. It was running way lean before I was able to read the vitals like AFR, IAT, Fuel pressure, etc with this setup. It also helped me fine tune the meth/water kit I was running.

Zeitronix has a few different options for how to display the values via gauges, LCD displays, your laptop, and others.

What's included:
Zt-2 - main brain
Wideband O2 sensor
Intake Air Temp (ITA) sensor with a standard 1/8 NPT (which plugs into your CTSC plenum)
MAP/Boost sensor

You can also add a fuel pressure sensor to this. I will include the wiring harness for it. It's a standard Denso sensor which can be purchased from Zeitronix. I kept it to use with my current setup as it was the same sensor.

$300 for everything shipped.

This is a great monitoring system for anyone running a modified engine. Even folks running a stock engine can see where in the power band your setup is running lean. The alternative to this is often a full on standalone in terms of monitoring.

Price reduction to $200