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will these fit?

19 February 2002
Portland, Oregon USA
Ive done a lot of searching and PRETTY sure i know answer but thought i'd still ask

18x8 (i can do ET 37 or ET45...thinking ET 37 to clear BBK)

Main thing thou rear only in a

19 x 10 ET 25

I have seen A LOT of you guys list "+10mm spacers" or such...so your ET must be close...i'd like to hear what you think.... Ill be running


I am lowered (but can adjust) and DO NOT track...plus no pot holes, or such. but i dont want it too stick out past fenders!! Right now i have 19x11's with same tires and ET @35ET and they are PERFECTLY flush and dont rub...so technically a 1" narrower rim (25mm) split in half, would be like a 23et for same look no??

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I don't know about the offset, but I suggest sticking with 215/35-18 in front. Many people have tried 225/35-18 and found that they rub when turning. Some others claim they haven't had rubbing, but it's a significant risk.
18x8 +37 front should be fine. (I've run 18x8 +38 with almost no rub). Whether the wheel will hit the caliper is a matter of spoke design and not so much the offset.

In that case I might choose the +47 and run a spacer, but you should measure out the clearances before you order the wheels.

The 19x10 +25 rear is pushing it. Use this calculator to help you:

Here is a photo of 19x10 +30. A 19x10 +25 will stick out about 5mm from this.