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Window regulator upgrade kits

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30 October 2008
France & Portugal
Thank you all for your support!

The S2000 pulley has a diameter of 23mm and thickness of 5mm, passing cable has a diameter of 1,75mm.
The internet is full of Chinese plastic pulley suppliers.

Some of you have already PM me asking me to modify their regulators!

This post was to freely share my experience, I had no profit in mind this is why I posted it in the "Do-it-Yourself" section.

However by PM, I found that perhaps some members do not wish to follow my steps, a "Plug & Play Kit" consisting of a pulley and its support, sleeve and the drilled rollers would be a much better solution for them. I also found that 50$ including shipment for this "kit" could be a fair trading value.

If there is generic interest, I can try to source some pulleys locally but the roller will always have to be exchanged as I have no way to source them.
So every interested member will have to send me back its old roller after installing the kit, so I can drill it and send it to another interested member, and so on....

For those who do not wish to open the motor and manipulate the messy cables to apply the kit, we could also think of a complete regulator exchange with higher shipping (and customs tax perhaps) though.

What do you think?
Re: Window regulators upgrade

I am interested in a DIY kit GB.
Re: Window regulators upgrade

I just put my regulators in the mail. Let me know when you're done with them. :wink:
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Im gonna send you mine to do whats the total price out the door?
Re: Window regulators upgrade

holy carp.

Absolutely amazing work. I was planning to tear apart my doors to regrease these coming months and I think I should put that on hold now.

Hugabuga, I think you can make a small fortune doing this. Again awesome work!
Re: Window regulators upgrade


Again, phenomenal work! As others have mentioned, you can truly make a side business rebuilding these window regulators. It seems that others here on NSXPrime have undertaken similar endeavors and seem to have a brisk business. Some examples include folks such as BrianK (who does a great job of rebuilding the climate control systems and amplifiers). Something you should genuinely consider. If you look at the number of folks that suffer from slow windows, the number is pretty big. If you want some idea of the potential volume, you may consider creating a poll (not sure exactly how to do it, but I've seen many others do it in the past).

Although, you mention that the whole process is fairly straightforward for you, some are a bit uncomfortable popping open components like the regulator motor gear housing. The discomfort isn't so much the mess rather the fear that they cannot do it perfect.

The videos you've posted do a nice job demonstrating the difference in speed. I personally find the video with the installed regulator very impressive for it shows how well the modification performs under the load/weight of the installed window.

Again, great job and glad to have you a member of our community!
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Thanks again for all your kind compliments

The NSX window glass is actually very thick compared to other cars, it has a thickness of 5mm so it weights a massive 5kg, perhaps they forgot that when they designed the regulator/motor assembly...

Regarding the interest that many of you have expressed, I decided to try to start a small production of DIY kits, let's say 10 kits for a start!

So today, I went to an hardware store in order to find some pulleys, and I did find some Portuguese door guides that uses white pulleys to roll in aluminium profiles :smile:


I bought one package to do some tests, here's is they look like:


And, out of their plastic support, they pretty much look the same size when compared to the S2000 pulley


While I was trying to remove its axle, I found that the Portuguese pulley is actually a ball bearing pulley, that was a surprise, the S2000 pulley isn't :tongue:


These pulleys are used to carry heavy doors (surely more then 5kg), so they should resist to the returning cable tension of the regulator without any problem!

Now, all I had to do, was to cut a small piece of 8mm tube to be used as the pulley's new axle, and a M6 screw will pass inside to fix it to its support.

They look perfect for the job, what do you think?
It would be impossible for me to make the KIT with S2000 pulleys as I would have to destroy a S2000 regulator for every 2 kits...

All I need now is the pulley support!

Cutting the original white plastic part is not a good solution to produce DIY kits.
I think an aluminium-made one that would fit as a direct replacement of the original plastic part, without any drilling of the regulator frame, is the ideal solution!
I gave some drawings to a local small workshop to make the first one, I will show it to you to get your reactions as soon as it's ready, that should be no later then Friday according to them...
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Sign me up for one of your DIY kits, when you get it all put together

thank you for helping all of us with this!
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Awesome post! I bought new regulators and they still suck....would love to get a pair of these if they are plug n play.
Re: Window regulators upgrade

When the kit is complete I will buy one pretty much any price you suggest. where do I send my money to? LOL

Great job. great post and DAMN FINE avatar!! I would never leave home!! LOL
Re: Window regulators upgrade

No, but I have a nice pulley chart table instead :biggrin:

Someone have sent me by PM a very nice site of US pulleys.

Compared to the S2000 ones, I have found one that could do the job: A6Z9-02008.
So for those of you who wish to build their own kit, this could be an easy way to get yourselves some pulleys :wink:
I took a PDF catalalog from their site, and add the S2000 OEM dimensions for reference


For compatibility and logistic reasons, I will produce my kits with Portuguese pulleys of course
Re: Window regulators upgrade

While waiting for that aluminium pulley support, I decided to run some load tests today :biggrin:

I fit the Portuguese pulley, to test it under load. Its support is still the white plastic part I used to fit the S2000 pulley...


So I have placed the regulators on some home-made wood support
As the window weights 5Kg, I decided to start the tests with 5L water cans in each regulator, then went for 10 and 15kg!
I used a fully charged battery of 70Ah, so I had almost unlimited power to my regulators :biggrin:


5kg would be a window without any drag at all from the tracks, not very realistic, even with a super cleaned and freshly greased tracks.

Here's the small film I made with different loads. In fact 10kg seems to be more realist, I recognized the behavior of my old windows :)


at the left was the standard regulator; at the right a sleeved one with pulley!
If you look closely you can also notice the typical NON LINEAR closing movement of the left regulator!

At 15kg, the standard regulator was actually unable to fully close the window and got shut down by its thermal protective device!
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Nice video, wow what a difference! so when can we buy the kit? from you? or send you our regulators to do the swap?
Re: Window regulators upgrade

"Project" is still under development, but I intend to conclude it shortly after running all my tests, so please be patient :biggrin:
After the pulley support is ready, I need to work on a cable guide device to guarantee it wont ever come off the pulley groove as that could result in a regulator core and cable destruction
I absolutely need to eliminate this risk, so I still need to work on it :confused:
Then kits should be ready for production yes, that's the idea now as so many of you seem interested.
Re: Window regulators upgrade

If its plug and play then I am interested.....are you doing this on exchange?

I am interested if the cost is not outrageous.

1. ediddynsx
2.Your name here
Re: Window regulators upgrade

I must say I haven't studied any commercial strategy yet, but I think it will start as a simple kit supplying for interested members who must open the regulator themselves in order to fit the kit.
It will be plug&play, but cores will have to be drilled by members. After all if one has managed to dismantle the regulator and open the gear housing I am sure he is also capable to drill :smile:
In fact, this has started as a simple post to give my contribution to this great site, and now I see myself involved in a small production project!:rolleyes:
I am aiming a final price of 50 US$ per kit with shipment and paypal fees included.
It seemed a fair value and it allows me to use some noble materials such as aluminium for the pulley support, some heavy duty ball bearing pulleys and perhaps some stainless steel guiding device (I am still working on it).
So I am not looking for the cheapest solution, but the BEST I can produce for 50US$:biggrin:
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Ok cool that sounds reasonable.....I like good quality stuff and don't mind paying a little more if its going to last. Count me in....I'll just have Ramon install it....:biggrin:
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Yea we dont mind paying more for the better parts, 100 bucks sounds fair. if you didnt know we want the best money can buy for our beloved NSX. and price is not a factor.
Re: Window regulators upgrade

If its plug and play then I am interested.....are you doing this on exchange?

I am interested if the cost is not outrageous.

1. ediddynsx
2.Your name here

I am interested as well!!! :biggrin:

1. ediddynsx
2. ryan1926
Re: Window regulators upgrade

The laser cutting of the 1,5mm thickness stainless steel plate: the cable guiding and the "new" pulley support:


I replaced the aluminium support for a thinner solution to reduce cable deviation angle...


Then after bending the 3 small "ears" the cable device is ready to cover the pulley


and the new support will place the pulley in position:



...washers from both sides and a nut will then hold everything in place:


I used 1,5mm for the thickness of the support to be thinner than the 2,0mm of the regulator frame, so the 2 washers can be bent up to 0,25mm each:biggrin:

I think there is no need to use bigger washers as the "squeeze" pressure will occur mainly in the border of the frame and not in the full contact area of the washer
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Man... you just keep getting this better with each update you do....

i think i will just remove both my regulators and give them to you... my car is on stands anyway, so just say to me how much $$$ i must give you to do this job for me :tongue:
Re: Window regulators upgrade

Wow I am getting this Kit when your ready to sell them, you might make enough extra cash to buy your self another maybe even a 3rd NSX.. good job. cant wait to have my windows going up and down faster than a jack rabbit!!!!!!! LOL

great first post holy geez..

put my name on the list to buy one please...
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