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y is a salvage title a really bad thing?

16 March 2005
Hey guys. is it impossible to find a good salvaged title NSX?

What are the major cons besides the obvious devaluations

I am looking for a track car that I will, over time likley replace the bumpers and fenders. So I really could care less about issue such as paint and poor body work. I would imagine an NSX with front bumper/fender damage to be a winner for me? No?

Salvage title is really hard to get insurance for Comp / Coll.

Of course there is that deep price slash and possible damages that cannot be return to spec but they are hidden under repair body panels.
So most insurrance companies will not cover a salvage car huh?

I have seen a bunch of cars that are late model cars with a salvage title, I thought b/c it was just more to fix than their value in kBB. Is this true? What makes a car a slavage vs. rebuilt vs clean?

I really appreciate the education guys.
Keep in mind fkong777 said Collision and Comprehensive, not overall Liability coverage:). I can see the insurance company being reluctant to provide coverage of that nature on a salvage car that has been potentially wrecked up pretty bad in the past. I am not an insurance guy and have no opinion either way, just wanted to point out the detail of the comment.

In regard to building a track car the real issue is structural integrity. If the frame is OK, and that is a big if, a salvage car should be fine. Even better if you have a trailer, then forget insurance, just bolt on some fenders, make is mechnaically sound and have fun:).

I wouldn't want one personally......Not that they are all bad or anything like that, but how they are viewed by the general car buying public.
I've been dealing in wrecked cars for 13 years plus. As an individual, you CANNOT have a salvage title vehicle on the road legally. Thats a misconception. You can, however, own a vehicle with a reconstructed title. The word salvage is a very harsh term. When you hear that term, you think about a hull sitting in a junk yard with weeds growing around it, when in fact, it simply means (here in La anyway) that at one time or another, an insurance estimate was done on this vehicle and the estimate total was = or + 75% of the vehicles current cash value. Yes that sounds like alot at first, but think about it. In 1991, a hood for a 1991 Honda Accord was $450.00 when the car was worth 17,000. Today, the car is worth $2,000, but that same hood sells for $450.00. Its so easy to 'total' a car these days with the prices of parts, its not even funny.

Also, consider this. Someone steals your Acura NSX. Takes it on a 31 day joyride and treats it with all the respect you would treat it with. On the 30th day, the insurance company (by law here in La) has to pay you for the vehicle if it hasn't been recovered. They are shelling out 100% of the vehicles value, and since that is greater than 75%, that vehicle will now have a salvage title. They find it the day after the payoff, in pristine condition, send it to the auction with, yes, a SALVAGE title.

Look at it like this, with a reconstructed titled vehicle, you're guaranteed honesty in the 'history' department. How many cars have been wrecked but the owner chose to fix it rather than take the money from the insurance company and move forward? Thats the guys that wont' tell you about previous damage. Before carfax anyway :)

If you are planning on a lifetime commitment to your NSX, then whats the problem?

My car never has had a recon title, but if the price and the item was right, it wouldn't phase me one bit :)
I bought a 92 with 27K, salvage title. Had photo of before work on car.The hood,fenders,and bumper were replaced. It had a recent 27 pt. inspection from Acura and I had a rebuilt man look at the car. To me the car is flawless.
I almost did not buy the car after reading at this site because I knew this car would be very hard to resale.
I love this car.
If you plan to track the car then other than the frame/body being straight, suspension in good order, it shouldn't matter one bit whether it is salvaged or not. Personally, I'd rather track a salvage car than a clean just because I wouldn't feel as guilty if I did some "rubbing" or mash the car like I stole it. There are a lot more variables that happen at the track than in everyday driving, especially if everyone on the road is pushing their vehicles to the limit.