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Z Max & Automatic Transmission Failure

13 February 2000
Dallas TX ,Dallas
ALERT! DO NOT USE Z MAX TRANSMISSION ADDITIVE IN YOUR NSX AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. IT KILLED MINE. My 91 NSX has given 96,000 miles of trouble free service. I recently decided to put the additive Z MAX in the trans. Well two weeks latter and 175 miles and my trans. is dead. I draned the new honda ATF we put in 175 miles before and it was a black sludge. The strange thing is that the trans. works intermittently. Starting the car cold, the trans will engage all gears and run perfectly for about a mile then fades to nothing no engagement period! If you stop the car and turn it off and let it sit for a few minutes upon restart it takes off fine then in about a mile it does the same thing. No one can diagnosis this HELP! However, we will see how true the Z MAX warranty is.

Sorry to hear about this. I am really not much for additives such as this kind of wonder juice. The NSX/Honda autotrans is very different in design than most. My only suggestion as a last ditch effort would be to do a few repeated trans fluid changes to try to flush the crap out.