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Zaino vs. Zymol?

3 December 2002
I was wondering if anyone has tried both and what their thoughts were. Which particular wax did you use? All the differnt types both companies make is confusing. Has anyone tried the spray on ones?

I've used the zymol that comes in the blue bottle on all my cars but is zaino alot better? Sorry if this is a repeat.
Zymol and Chuck Bennett have continuously supported the NSXCA by being a active financial NSXPO supporter by being a sponsor, giving clinics, prizes and free samples and more.
What other company has a wax actually made and named just for the NSX?
Anyone who has attended one of Chuck's clinics leaves better informed, aware and able to attend to their car's appearance needs.
Thank you Zymol and Mr. Bennett for caring so much about our car and our club.

I am curious. Has Zaino given one penny to support the NSXCA on a national or regional level or one minute in clinics at NSXPO events?
Has it sent out any free samples and shown their appreciation for so many members being loyal customers? I can't seem to remember so. Am I wrong?

Now to your question. The blue bottle stuff is a cleaner. Want a wax made by Zymol? Start here: http://www.zymol.com/phihome.htm

Here's their NSX Glaze:http://www.zymol.com/nsx2.htm
If this ? was posed seriously,,then the apocolypse is near! :wink:
Thanks for the heads up John!
I'm off to fill up my NSX's gas tank!
I wouldn't want to get caught dead with an empty tank in another car. :biggrin:
True Joe,plus you might as well go broke filling it up,since it aint any good to be the richest guy in the cemetary! I do agree whole heartidly though that Chuck is a great, helpful guy when it comes to our cars and customer service!I still can't believe he spent 2 hrs painting and pollishing my rear bumper and liscence frame during expo,that after he went and purchased the paint and materials himself! Driving around Watkins Glen in search of such,amazing!!!!!
I've used them both, praised both of them, but only one of the Z's has a NSX, has invited us to a BBQ (someone should follow up on this, BOB), and sent all of us hats. Thats the one I'm using nowadays!! :cool:
nsxtacey said:
I've used the zymol that comes in the blue bottle on all my cars but is zaino alot better?
The real Zymol - the stuff made in Connecticut, with individual products for each step of the detailing process (like all of the best brands) - is a lot better than the one-step cleaner-wax product you used, which is made by Turtle Wax in Chicago.
I have used both. Both are great products. Some people do not like the look of zaino because it can make the finish look plastic. Others love it. My personal opinion on the two, if your car is a weekend toy or show car, go with zymol. If it is a daily driver, go with zaino. Best thing to do is try them and see what you like. But if you use and like zymol, stick with it, it is a great wax. 90% of a cars finish is in the prep. work. Wax is just a last step. You can't go wrong either way. P21s is also a good wax to check out as is pinnacle.
I'm using zaino and I like it because its easy to apply , buff off, and you can be sloppy around trim. It does not leave any white residue on black parts and rubber.

I used to use NuFinish.. you know the #1 rated car polish by leading consumer magazines? That left a nice finish, but was hell if it touched black rubber and always left white powder around cracks, lenses, etc.

I used carnuba wax for a while and liked it, but it just doesn't last long.

I've never used Zymol, and dont' feel the urge because i'm happy with zaino, but If you have questions, try them both and see what suits you best. The important thing is that you use something. Don't let it bare.

Mike " $.02" Clemens
Seriously, I know that NSX support is a plus, BBQ's are a plus, financial support is a plus -- but what does that have to do with how well the product performed on the car?

I personally find that Zaino works wonders on all cars - and as an above poster stated, it doesn't leave a mess to deal with on the cracks & plastic parts.

I'm sure both products are GREAT products.

ADDED: That being said, I just used Meguires NXT on my car and found it to perform rather well. I was out of the Zaino products and I haven't searched for a local person to buy from (vs online). The NXT leaves quite a bit of white powder to deal with though.
After using both Zaino and Zymol I can say they are both amazing, but I had to reapply the Zymol more often since my car is a daily driver and gets cleaned more frequently. The Zaino I can apply outside in the sun and it is fine. Either way, your car will love you. :)
My opinion..........
Zaino on a lighter car looks good,
But on a darker color looks too plasticky IMO.
My red car had had tons of coats of Zaino on it when I bought it.
Very shiny & wet looking but no depth. I had the clear coat polished by a detailer and now use a Carnuba wax now, looks much better to me.
But is not a daily driver.
Here is a shot with Zaino.
I guess its all in what you like.

I did not know about Zaino till my friend told me about it 3 years back. Before then, I had used Zymol for about 7 years or so. I refused to use Zaino, even though my friend swore up and down about its shine. I ran out of Zymol one night, and I had my friend's Zaino kit lying around. Used it once, and I never would go back to Zymol again. Shine is much better, no residue, much easier to put on and take off. Only problem is the number of steps the first time you use it, after that it is just maintenance.

It almost feels like you put a layer of clear plastic on the car....pretty amazing stuff.
I've used Zaino for a few years and the results on my Berlina Black '91 are amazing, and I've taken for granted how it does not leave white residue in cracks and on trim.

Lately, though, I've considered trying wax again, only because having to apply multiple coats of Zaino to achieve optimum results is getting old (Z1-Z5-Z6-Z5-Z6-Z2-Zthius-Zthat). I'm tempted to try Turtle Wax Platinum - but I'm concerned the dreaded white crust will once again rear its ugly head.

Such a dilemma! :wink: