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2 NSX sighitng in Frisco TX 6-26-2014

26 April 2012
Frisco, TX
WOW, seeing two NSX on 1 day at Frisco is amazing!

7:45 AM saw yellow NSX going south bound on Preston Rd and HWY 121

12:45 PM silver NA1 driving West off Warren Parkway and Parkwood Blvd.
Funny I saw a yellow one this weekend while I was in the Evo and got super excited.

I was then in my black nsx and crossed right by a red one on Saturday night in a gated community in Prosper... I couldn't believe it was another one and got really excited.. ..... any of you guys on here???

We were celebrating a buddies bday at his gfs parents house... I wont name the community for privacy/security reasons.