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29 April 2015
Silicon Valley
I've been neglecting the NSX more than usual lately, so this morning I brushed the cobwebs off the air intakes, wiped the heavy layer of dust off the paint and glass, jumpstarted it, and drove it to work.

On the way in, this happened:


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what are the chances?
A really good back story would be 300,000 miles and nothing other than routine maintenance.
Then I guess I have a really good backstory.

Bought the car used, CPO with a couple thousand miles on the clock, in 1996. Since then, I've taken thousands of trips so short that it hardly had a chance to get up to temperature, and I've driven 1000+ miles in a single day dozens of times. For many years, I was hitting 100MPH every day, weather permitting.

Through all that, its engine and transmission have never been opened. Everything works, there isn't a single interior rattle or buzz, the gears don't grind, and the engine is still perfectly happy being revved to nearly 8000RPM on a regular basis.

Those of you who were on the NSXchange mailing list twenty years ago might have seen the car when I attended Harry's San Francisco event, a few months after I bought it. It looks essentially unchanged. The paint has darkened a little over the years, but it's not oxidizing or chipping even though the car's been buried in snow, driven through the Mojave desert in the summer, caught out in violent hailstorms, covered in mud, and left outside to bake all day in the San Diego sun five days a week for five years.

My maintenance routine: I follow Honda's maintenance schedule, except I replace the motor oil (Redline, if it matters -- I think it does) every 3K, gear oil every 60K, and I do the 90K service every 80K. I replace the clutch every 120K miles, hoses every 15 years, battery every 6 years. I also try to change the tires before the cords start to show, and I wash it every once in a while.

Shocks and tie-rod ends have been replaced twice, pads and rotors have been replaced a few times, radiator was replaced when it developed a leak after 16 years. When my changer's CD magazine started ejecting on bumpy roads and the head unit's "next track" button started to stick, I replaced the changer and head unit with used OEM units from this forum's marketplace. Carpets and seatcovers were replaced ten years ago with barely-used OEM pieces from one of Mark Johnson's cars.

... and that's basically all I've had to do. Looking forward to another 300K miles.
Congrats and great "backstory"
i hope to make it there one day!
quick question though, what took so long for you to post? :tongue:
thanks, very encouraging for those of us with a lot fewer miles (253,000 fewer to be exact.) i did some rough math, and if you park yours now, and i keep driving at the present rate, i will pass you around year 2126...:wink:
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Wow what an inspiration to us all! Congrats on this man... makes me want to drive mine even more. I am slowly trying to fight the voice of "keep the miles low" each weekend.
Thats what you call a very impressive 1st post on Prime, welcome and congrats on keeping such a fine car in the manner it should be.....driven.