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95 clutch

21 March 2006
Hi guys,
getting quotes for a clutch on my 95 nsx. Am I correct that the nsx went to a single plate clutch in 97. I am guessing that a single plate clutch is less expensive. Dealer just quoted me $3600 to replace it but searching around it seems like some guys are saying $2000 to $2500. The tech told me I should be fine through the summer as long as I don't get on it to much but what fun is having a sports car if you can't get on it. If it was my daily driver I would nurse it along but I want to get this taken care of.
The dual disk clutch is 1991-96.
The single plate clutch is 1997+.

The dual disk is less expensive due to the high cost of the 1997+ dual-mass flywheel (listing out at about $2200).

Your car uses the less expensive dual disk:). The $2000-2500 price sounds correct. The $3600 price should be for the single disk clutch/w new flywheel.

Using the single disk clutch in your car would be a complete waste of money, IMO.

Yes the $3600 is with the new fly wheel. He said they pretty much replace everything. When you get the clutch replaced do you always do the fly wheel? The guy did say he would "work" with me on the price but I'm not exactly sure what that means. I was thinking about getting a clutch from dali and have a local mechanic who does a lot or work on ferrari, lambos, porsche etc put it in for me. He has never done an NSX clutch but if he can do it on these cars I would think he should be fine on my NSX. Any opinon on that? He has always done great work for me.
$3600 for a 1996 car is ridiculous. Putting that clutch in is a waste of money. There no absoultely NO benefit, just higher cost. Most folks update their 1997+ transmission so they can use the early clutch!!!

The NSX clutch is unique and requires a little different installation procedure, not too difficult, just different:)

Thanks for the input Larry. The the price the dealer quoted me was for the dual disk not the single. I even double checked with him on it. Do you know if the dali clutch is a good one?
If your flywheel and pressure plate checkout (no warping, gouging and grabs well), it is quite reasonable to use them again.

If so, just replace the friction discs and throwout bearing.