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95 Midnight Pearl with 02f/r... did a bunch of work... a few crappy pics

10 June 2004
Whats up guys....

As some of you know i've done a BUNCH of work to my 95 Midnight pearl in the 8 months or so i've owned it...

Ive been hoping to post up some good pics but just havent had a chance...

anyway... since i've got it Larry B did a clutch/trans/ various other replacements...

I did a complete 02 front end conversion, complete 02 rear conversion, full black leather conversion, Gold 18" hp wheels with a polished lip 18x8 and 18x9.5... so heres a few crappy pics from my cell phone camera just to give everyone an idea of how its coming...

lemme know what you all think....

Do you have any side-skirts? I can't tell from the pictures.

Anyway, so far, it's looking good. However, I will wait for you to post some higher res daytime pics to make my comment.
haha ya just wanted to give everyone a quick view...

right now the side skirts are stock but im planning on getting a set from stacy in the very near future... unsure if i want the 02 style with or without the vents...

Was set on getting marga hills(really like poohs side skirts on his car, makes it look super exotic...) but im going to go with stacys...
I love it. I am always curious how much $$$ is invested. I haven't done NEAR as much as most people and I know I have some serious ching-a-ling setting in the garage.
Hey Stacy!!

My wheels are 18x8 and 18x9.5 GOLD with a fully polished lip HPR-5... a fairly priced wheel that is extremely rare... especially in gold with a polished lip. I was unsure at first about the gold on purple... but it just looks great imo... Put some brand new falkens on too match the new wheels, just last week.

Def still planning on some skirts, actually maybe this week hopefully... i have to replace my driver mirror and door trim this week at the body shop because a deer decided to get ahold of it earlier this week, so some paint will be flying so im trying to get these skirts so i can spray it all at once, and maybe beat bridgewater day.. which is just under 2 weeks i think it might be too late.

As for how much I have into it... Its hard to say overall... I guess I got lucky in some ways... The car needed a clutch/trans as I stated when i Got it so that helped the price a bunch, although I paid for all the replacements... I still saved some. It came with the Tein RA coilovers, and gruppe M exhaust... which helped the costs too.

I did the complete front/rear end conversion which did cost a bit, as well as the black bride brix II, and full black leather interior conversion, the wheels, some audio components, and on and on lol... I guess I didnt feel the costs so drastically since I've been doing this project little by little as I work and come up with all the money... Its been a great project so far that probably wont be done for a while....

Whats next... side skirts for sure.. then a full audio redo... Then hmm maybe... im thinking... possibly a Supercharger of some sort... I just dont know if i can resist.. haha maybe next winters project lol.
I like your wheels. Where did you get them? Is the gold custom? How much?
Give us some high-res pics please. Ever since I saw you're tag line about the 02 conversions, I wanted to see that in detail since I too have a midnight pearl.
The mods look nice, but I agree, high res pics a must. Not a fan of gold anything, so the wheels do not move me.
haha ill get some better pics, they kill it. I like the gold personally, to each his own :biggrin:
Yes, can you give us some specifics on the wheels?
I also are interested in seeing some pics without the 02+ sides installed.

Does it look like something is missing, and does it bad?

post some hi res pics! :frown:
Yes, please retake photos. Those look like they are taken inside of another vehicle with a camera phone !! (Im guessing inside vehicle because of glare back at camera)
haha yep the pics were terrible, sorry guys.. I do have a few more recent pics ill post up a few within a couple minutes....
gold wheels are currently up for sale... hp pr5 18x8 and 18x10 with 215 35 18 and 255 35 18 pm me for details...
seats are too, Bride Brix II with rails included, bolt right into the NSX with sparco harnesses and pads... put the stock leathers back in...

going to go for more of a sleek look... may shave the side markers and do some other type mods... will probably drop the Tein Ra's down a bit too with some new rollers to accomplish this type of look:

this car is probably my favorite!!:biggrin:
something similiar to the black nsx i posted... probably Iforged or HRE... anyways the golds are back on.. only had the others on for one show,
may also shave the front markers and emblem, slam the suspension to the ground to tuck the 18s and 19s or 19s and 20s... also put the black leather back in!!!:cool:
There is something missing with that car. It needs the A or the H emblem in the front. Thats what I think.