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Acura needs to wake up

sounding like a bit of a power tripper there mate, not an impartial moderator... :eek:

Everyone is entitled to his opinion, irrespective of how wrong he is...........

Yeah, you got me on this. I spend my free time volunteering to protect Primates from scams here in the marketplace as well as attempt to keep a level of maturity and civility not seen in other forums because I am on a power trip.

I never realized I was so obvious.....
LoL close the thread. I'm only repeating myself again to people who want to propagate hate or extreme negativity towards a brand they "used to passionately love" instead of trying to find something constructive to say or contribute.
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...no don't... I love watching the disease progression of car forumicus last wordicus.....some are riddled with it:tongue: