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aftermarket steering wheels??

30 September 2004
hi, has anyone tried any aftermarket steering wheels ? I seen a few cheap ones on ebay claiming they are jdm style but they are so cheap that it seems to cheap. Do you have to have some special kind of hub or what not?
legendr35 said:
why are the hubs on SOS so expensive compared to MOMO hubs on ebay?


Up until just a few months ago you could not find a true NSX hub in anyone's Momo inventory. It is still hit or miss.

SOS, Dali and the Japanese hubs are much higher quality, and some even allow using the cord reel for such niceties as cruise. They look like a stock piece in many cases.

Does this make them worth the extra dough? That is your call.
I'm not for sure on this but....

I was doing research a ways back for my s2000 since I wanted a smaller steering wheel with a quick release hub. I stumbled onto SOS's site and then upon further research found out that I needed a special "short hub" which is not something Momo sells. The reason being on an s2000, if you use a regular hub (about 4-5" in length, it puts the wheel too close to you.) I ended up with this special hub from Japan and it's about only 2-3" in length.

I used the Splash short hub with a Quick Release piece from NRG and it worked like a charm :)

I'm going to be removing these pieces from my s2000 soon and will be installing this setup in my future NSX...hehe

e-mail me if you want a pic - [email protected]

I had a total different experience. The hub (HKB hub for an EG civic) I used on my car was too short to my liking, however since I have the quick release, it extend the wheel a little. So it's not as bad as it will interfere the turn signal and wiper stalks.
I finally spend a little bit more and got a sparco 50mm hub extention, and I'm happy since.

Taitec hub is little bit too bulky IMO.

Now, if we assume the momo hub is identical to the OEM Type R one, it's a no brainer, cuz it will be the same length as the stock steering wheel.

On the Steering wheel itself, I had used a Momo Tuner. It's basically the same steering wheel as the nsx-R but without the Honda Emblem. (You could get the red stitch too)... I really like it personally. I only get it for around $150 in Hong Kong. If you do a search on ebay, you might find better price than that...