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Ah, crotch rockets "vs" my CT '00 NSX

10 April 2000
Silicon Valley
hello all,

coupla days ago i was crusing down hiway '85 here in the silicon valley, minding my own business, easing in and out of traffic, maybe 85mph or so.

in the rearview, i see a bunch of squids coming up from behind me on their crotch rockets... a pretty good pace, gently weaving in and out of traffic as they descend on the pack of cagers i'm in. ever so nicely, they end up maybe 1/8 mile in front of all us cagers and begin to slow down just a bit; all the cagers slow down, too. then, unexpectedly, but very very nicely, 3 out of 5 of them pop their bikes into wheelstands and accelerate away from us through, i'm guessing, 95 or 100mph, never so much as flinching... and off they rode, standing, on their bikes. woof!

i've been riding motorcycles for, maybe, 35 yrs, and i've got to say it was easily the best bit of showboating i've seen in a long time. could they have hurt themselves? sure. could they have hurt others? yeah, they could have fallen, the cagers running over them while their bikes were sent careening over the guardrails into oncoming traffic.

luckily, none of these things happened and no squids or other animals were hurt in their exhibition.

be well, all.
btw, save the flames....
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
What are cagers?
Cage = Car
Cager = Car Driver

What are squids?
Squid = Inexperienced newcomer, someone trying to ride beyond his skill level with arms flailing (like a squid) to try not to fall.
Squid (#2)= Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Imminantly Dead
Squid (#3) = Any SportBike Rider - seems this term got twisted along the way and has many meanings.
Squid (#4) = sportbike riders who wear tennis shoes or flip flops, shorts, tshirts, etc. on their nice shiny new sport bikes.
Squid (#5) = Comes from 2 words-squirrely & kid defined as:---anyone that rides without all proper gear , rides recklessly, or rides beyond their limits.
Squid (#6) = "Here in Canada we refer to someone who rides a sportbike while wearing t-shirts and shorts as a squid. This is because after they crash and have most of their skin worn off, they are left looking like a squid."

see more biker slang here --> http://www.mattsphotos.com/bikerslang/travel.html
Nice story Hal. It was just such wheelstand showboating that lured me into a trip along hwy 35, Skyline Blvd., from hwy 92 down to Alice's Restaraunt. I saw them get off of 280 and wheelstand along the San Andreas Reservior. I picked them up and led the group of 5 bikes, "squids" as you would call them, up the hill, through the twisties and onto the straights of Skyline where I let them pass. Thumbs-up waves from them all, high praise from crotch rockets!
i always thought the best definition of a squid, is based on what they do,
squids are riders who aren't experienced so they really ca'nt turn well, so they accel hard and brake hard as they go into a turn, cause they can't handle it. accel hard, brake hard, turn in... kinda like a squid in real life they just squirt in different directions, dont relaly "curve" or lean into things, just here and there and yea
ok did i lose anyone? =P
I haven't heard the term "SQUID" since the Gary Semics super-X school in Ohio.Gary used the term "squid".His definition was similar inexperienced drivers that lean one way and thew bike goes the other,revving the motor in the pits@ the track to let everyone here your motor,sitting across rough terrain,racing in the pits showering everyone and their bikes w/ dust storms,basically anything you do that proves to the pro's that you are a beginner and have no idea what you are doing.
PS-Gary's school in Ohio is great he was Jeremy Mgraths personal trainer.You know the Super-X leader for many years and one of the leaders of X-treme dirtbike airial stunts.

Back in the days of racing motocross, we would refer to squids like they do today calling them "lappers". That is, someone who is likely to get someone else hurt by their actions.

Thank you for reminding me of the good ole days