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All premium gasoline are not created equal

27 February 2000
Madison, WI
I have owned my '97 for a few months and have burned a few tanks of premium gasoline from different brands gasoline. So far I've found Shell Premium to give the best performance when doing a 0-60-in-5 stunt. Can everyone please try out different brand premium gasoline and post your feedback on the performances so that we can all check and compare and come up with the best brand perfomance fuel for our babies? Thanks.
I have to say that Chevron Premium with Techron is the best that I have experienced. I get better performance and mileage across the board. For the record, I was a Mobil 1 user previously.
Here's what I know about Shell fuel. Different mechanics on different occasions have commented to me about being able to recognize the use of Shell fuel on rebuilding an engine. They remark about a "distinct smell" and "shellacking" on vital components. Personally, I avoid Shell, there's lots of others to choose from. If I want a real bang I just tank up with 101 octane racing fuel.
Has anyone tried using fuel additive to help burn fuel better and cleaner and thus increase performance? I've heard of products like "TRIjet-1" and "The Force". Could they potentially do more harm than good?

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As I said in another related post in another thread, I have had mostly BMWs over the last 10 years, and BMW only recommends Citgo or Chevron for their V-8 and V-12 cars. I have had a 750iL (V-12) and now have a 740i (V-8) that has almost only seen Citgo gas. I did try a tank or two of Shell in it, and I did get 2 mpg more out of the tank than normal. Not sure if that is bad or good, but 2 npg is still 2 mpg. At $2 per gallon, I suppose that can add up.

I have used mostly Shell in my Y2K NSX, but given some of the info posted here, maybe I will switch back to Chevron or Citgo. I think as long as you don't use Costco, you should be OK.