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All the hoses are changed.

18 February 2008
Lewisville TX
Well I completed changing all the hoses yesterday, I can see why the dealer charges $1200 + to do the job? I was suprised, the oil cooler hoses went without any hitches, I felt changing the small hoses in the throtle body were the hardest. I bought a Mighty Vac to refill the system which seemed to work quite well, I started the car up and checked for leaks while it was still on stands, it came up to temp and and stayed below the 1/2 way point, I did notice a small amount of coolant below the overflow tank, and am hoping it was just some spillage, I cleaned it up and will recheck tonight, that seems to be the only place that has a potential problem, if a hose is leaking it would have to be one of the three that connect below the overflow tank, I will use SS screw type clamps to fix, if necessary. I also put in a new tank.
real glad that job is completed, I should be good to go for a while hoses water pump and timing belt are all new.
Nice job. Feels great getting a job like this done by yourself. I'm thinking of doing the same to my car soon. Sounds like a real pain. How many hours of labor do you think it was?
Hard to tell, I went overboard and detailed and cleaned things as I went, But I would guess actual time spent on the hoses to be about 7-10. I just did a little bit every evening, I find it enjoyable somewhat therapeutic. My wife calls it putzen around.
I plan on doing mine too. Car is pretty low, how did you get under the car without the car resting on your stomach? Just used jackstands? Any tips or tricks we need to know while removal or install on certain parts.

Thanks for any input. I plan on taking pics/video when I do mine.
How many miles are on your car?
Re: Update on the coolant

I discovered what was leaking coolant, the funnel I used to top off the tank did not go deep enough into the tank and allowed coolant to excape thru the overflow hose, so the job was sucessful without any hickups.
as far as getting under the car, I used the center jacking point to lift one side and placed it on stands, repeated the process on the other side. My next major purchase is an easy-lift, I owe it to myself jack stands are a royal PIA.
The car is a 91 with 81,000 miles, milelage is not the issue its the time 17 years:eek: I just put in the second TB and figured after blowing a big hose in the engine bay, it was prudent to change all of them to avoid future mishaps.
Nice job. I blew a hose about a year ago, and I had all mine done at a dealership. I rest a lot easier knowing all my hoses are new.
Got a lift in mind that you want? I decided last night after crawling on the ground trying not to keep burning myself it was a nesscessary tool and am shopping for something now. I can't afford anything but a generic model unless I could get it used so I just wanted to know what kind ytou would get. Nice hose job, if you want something done right sometimes you need to do it yourself. I know the dealer is not going to spend any time cleaning up the underbody so you get a lot more in the end if you can do the job yourself. I like to paint/degrease any thing I take off my cars, doesn't make sense to me to put dirty parts back on the car when they can be made to look new off the car pretty easy. Keep it up, maybe we can convince other people of the satisfaction you get when you can do the job yourself.
Sorry to be off topic as well.

I have had a 4 post lift x 4 yrs and had a midrise scissor lift (sold). My 4 post lift only takes up 1 bay in the garage and no need to cut out the ceiling. I didn't buy it from this place (think my guy went out of business) but think they all source these generic lifts from the same place



I bought 2 "bridge jacks" that allow me to jack up the front and rear of the cars so I can free wheel the car for brake/suspension work. They even offer free aluminum ramps which is a nice bonus.

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I just ordered the set of 22 hoses+ from dealership with 25% discount. I'm going to attempt "DIY" this weekend. Do a little Fri, and Sat. Don't want to rush it or be on my back for 4-5 hours. I'm not driving the car anyway so, no rush.
Let me know of any other tips I need to look out for. Any special tools I need to get.

Also, is it necessary to warm up the coolant prior to draining?
Also, is it necessary to warm up the coolant prior to draining?

Only if you like to have a warm instead of a cold coolant shower while changing the middle hoses. :tongue::D No serious: It's not necessary or better said contraproductive to warm up the engine/coolant before changing them. You'll only burn your hands on the hoses. As for the tools a heat gun will soften the hoses while dismouting. I used a rasor knife to simplify dismounting them BUT don't cut in the aluminium (only the rubber)! To prevent this I forced a screwdriver in between and cut along it. This way the aluminium is protected and will seal in the future.
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