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Apple working with car manufacturers to add Siri button

14 August 2003
Toronto, Canada
From today's Apple developers conference keynote:

Apple is working with a number of car manufacturers (BMW, GM, Jaguar, Mercedes and Honda) to add a siri button on the steering wheel. They've all committed to Siri integration in the next 12 months.
That's awesome.
I hope they make it an open interface and not apple specific.
Androids siri killer should be out soon.
Well this is interesting

Did Apple forget to tell automakers about the new Siri button?
Apple expects nine different carmakers to begin including a "Siri button" on their steering wheels within the next 12 months, the company announced this week.

Of course, the news came as a surprise to some of the carmakers, according to Business Insider.

After Apple announced plans to further integrate it's Siri voice recognition software to a button on the steering wheel, some carmakers said they were unaware of those plans.

Audi told Fast Company, which contacted all nine carmakers mentioned by Apple, that it was not sure if the project could be completed in a year. A Chrysler spokesman said the company did not have any plans to announce anything. Toyota was equally as vague: "(T)here are no particular applications planned at this time."

Building a Siri button certainly makes sense and, no doubt, will happen in the coming years. It's also smart business. Instead of an automaker spending money developing voice recognition software, let Apple do it and integrate that system into a vehicle. Already, carmakers have moved to integrate smartphones into cars, putting apps on phones onto center console screens and finding ways to piggyback services from a phone into the car. USB ports on a car are simply expected nowadays.

There might even be plans to create a "Siri button" that allows a driver to control his phone by voice without ever taking his hands off the steering wheel. But before that happens, someone at Apple might want to tell the automakers.

Looking forward to one day jailbreaking my vehicle :biggrin:

I hope some aftermarket sirii kits come out for vehicles. I'd love to add it to my existing vehicles.
If people already have siri in their i-products why they need it to be built-in into their cars?

It won't be built in, it will just be supported in the car's electronics while running on the phone. It is similar to how there are automotive sound systems that will read your ipod/iphone playlists, track data, and album art to give you a nice interface that is safer to operate while driving compared to tapping your phone on the move.
It used to be common for auto manufacturers to have phone-specific connection options. BMW has/had accessories specific to Blackberry, iPhone and other phones.