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BBK for $99.00 wow!!!! endless or spoon

Absolutely the epitome of the word "rice". Now, you got "big" calipers with tiny rotors. They look even more stupid. Big meatballs with a tiny noodle. :rolleyes:
Id rather have the stock caliper painted.
Zero-Cool said:
I think this is a great idea! better looking than the OEM painted.

hmmm... I'd lose all respect in you and others as NSX owners/enthusiasists if you would place a falsely-branded caliper cover on your NSX.

However if you got it customized to display: Zero-Cool (or anything else personalized), it'd simply be a preference of taste - no harm, no foul. :redface:

But, if you or others want to have the Brembo, Stoptech, Spoon, Mugen, etc name to be under your wheels... step upto the plate & buy the real thang! Please don't be a poser/poseur w/ the NSX! :rolleyes:
Hi Guys!! surffing through ebay, I saw that!!! I think it's a great idea. I bet you that the person designed that is going to make lots of money. Something that everyone needs. So I don't undersand why you guys are BASSing at the product..Look at ACP inc., almost everyone bassing them for copying the Lexus IS tail lights. Now APC inc. is laughing all the way thru the bank. But IMO I think you guys are lame for bassing on every thing that you don't understand. This is NOT the NSX product but a universal product for all cars. So come on guys.... Well, just sharing something interesting I saw on ebay.
Its way to cheesy for me, but I am sure it is a money maker - at least until the patent attorneys for the companies that have been knocked off find the listing.
Zero-Cool said:
Something that everyone needs.
Give ONE good reason ANYONE would NEED it. It isn't functional. It does nothing. Maybe it insulates the brakes to keep heat in? Probably hurts performance if anything. You know quality when you see it. These covers are attached to the stock brakes with SILICON! Yep, you glue them on! HAHAHAHA
Zero-Cool said:
But IMO I think you guys are lame for bassing on every thing that you don't understand.
What is there to understand about these brake covers? How about hub cap spinners? How about the bass tube shaped like a nitrous bottle? Big scoop on the hood of the NSX next?

Just because a product makes money does not mean it is a good product for the consumer. Just means there's one born every minute. Ever seen the infomercials that start around 1am on television?

But if there's something we don't understand, please do educate.
"Highly durable - GARAGE 2 Caliper Cover Kit made from FIBERGLASS meterials, which are durable up to 350?F of constant temp."

I really want to see someone put these on their car and forgot to take them off when they go to track event, and then the brakes catch on fire. :biggrin:
BBS wheels

They’ll look hawt with some BBS forged ABS plastic hubcaps with integrated lightweight chrome-look lug nuts. It even comes with a fake wheel lock that adds realism and also deters thieves from stealing your awesome wheels!


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I just can't stand rip-off products that take advantage of ill-informed consumers. If I ever see a set of those plastic covers even close to an NSX, I will be sadly disappointed.
I just ordered a set for my NSX and my Silverado. I had them make mine to say (in big stylized letters) "OEM" I am Big Pimpin! :biggrin: :wink:
ChopsJazz said:
It's like going on a date with a blow up doll!
A blow up doll that LOOKS like a real life person (but isn't). Then trying to pass "her" off as Jessica Alba or whoever.

I don't see how anyone can still think these are a good idea. Can you imagine the cleanup needed each time you want to change brake pads? What would midas charge to scrape off all the silicon so they can actually work with the real caliper hidden underneath?
I wonder if these will fit my Fiero? It would go perfect with the theme of the car, it has a wide body kit so it looks like a Lambo... it's super cool!