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Big wings not big enough

6 September 2001
Hi all. I really like the GT style wings on the Raybrig and mobile 1 cars; however- no one seems to sell them. They have a really pronounced curve going on, and they look far deeper than anything SOS or Dali sells. The ones I am seeing on those sites are like little baby spoilers.

The other nice thing about the bigger ones is they also look like they are highly functional; something most of the fiberglass one's like the Comptech Agressor are not (which woudl seem to be intended for styling alone)

I've been told that the racing teams have these made for them- but I was curious to see if anyone knew any different; or someone that could get me one. Thanks in advance...
Sounds like you primary objective is performance, which I applaud. Realistically though, I doubt that any additional rear wing will yield a genuine net gain of any kind for an NSX driven on the street or even tracked for fun, particularly without wind tunnel testing/tuning and without an even more effective front device since front grip will be diminished by essentially increasing weight shift to the rear.

Just doesn't make sense to me for anything less than a race prepared car run on high speed track at 10 10ths.

Anyone believe strongly otherwise? I know SOS is very fond of the ground effects stuff he sells, and it may be very good but is probably not as difficult as a wing to get "right" (max downforce with minimum increase in drag).
Don't forget some frontal down force if you go with a wing any larger.

BTW, the TAITEC wing that ScienceofSpeed sells is based on the 2000 spec JGTC NSXes. The larger wings you're talking about is from the earlier spec cars.

-- Chris


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If your NSX is going to stay on the street and will never see the racetrack in race conditions, you would not NEED a big rear wing. Most people do it anyway because it's fun to modify cars, or to get that race look(me included), and there is nothing wrong with that. As far as size goes, the Taitec GT wing is as big as I would go on a NSX even with supercharger. There is a penalty you must pay for downforce, which someone has already pointed out--drag. The bigger wing you have, the slower you can accelerate on higher speeds. Since most of our NSX would neither spend all of its life turning high speed corners, or driving below 50mph, the size of the wing could really detract from your driving pleasure. Another thing, the size and shape of wings on race cars is largely designed based on regulations and not 100% optimized for function. And as Chris Willson of scienceofspeed said, you need to balance your downforce. Image 200 punds of downforce pushing down the back end with the front end lifting at 100mph~~not fun.

George Wang
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