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car show please bring your car...

26 February 2006
Alki Ave. Seattle - Lynnwood, WA - Monterey, CA
Please come join me.....

Organization: Northshore Christian Church-Everett WA
Event: Father's Day Car Show
Location: Northshore Christian Church
Date: Sunday, June 15, 2008 from 9:00am to 2:00pm

Father’s Day Classic Car Show at Northshore Christian Church Sunday, June 15th from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. This show is open to anyone in the community with a cool car, truck, or motorcycle. Invite your family and friends to this community outreach. For more information and how to register, please contact Pastor Paul Lowell at (425) 353-1354.


I have a handful committed...I will bring drinks and some food. Please bring your own folding chair.
Would love to go, but my NSX has no steering wheel and we'll be doing "fathers day" stuff around the house. Have fun guys!
Please meet me at my house at 8:00am, we will leave soon after that. They have breakfast there at 8:30am. Don't forget to bring your car care products...it will be beautiful on sunday. :smile:

should I just join you guys for breakfast then go back to work? :biggrin: :wink: I tried to take the day off, but the fact that it's father's day and most people want it off and won't switch.
Not sure if I can make breakfast, but can you PM or call me with your addy just in case? I will deffinately see you guys at the show though. How far is the show from your house?

should I just join you guys for breakfast then go back to work? :biggrin: :wink: I tried to take the day off, but the fact that it's father's day and most people want it off and won't switch.

Working on Sunday and on Father's day is un-acceptable... Please take a day off and enjoy the comaraderies with us Ferrand.
The show is not far at all from my house, I will reserve a spot or two for you guys. I will call you Sunday morning....Dan knows the place and he will lead the pack. NSXDreamer2 please join us!

you guys are evils, I guessed I would just be "late" at work that day... PM me your address please.
It's not even an option for me as I only made $50 this wk so far... :tongue: I'll swing by in the morning... but I do need Arnon's address.

Need me to buy another van from you?

My steering wheel showed up today...so maybe I'll head up there if my wife lets me.
Yeah, where are we meeting??? Somewhere before the church? If I can get up, I'll be there.
we figured... now tell us the truth, did Miya locked you in the basement again?? ;)

Hopefully you can make it by on Wednesday night. Arnon and Ken(Sarge) will be there hanging out.
We had a great time there and met a lot of people. We (6 NSXs) got a lot of attention.:smile: We parked in the middle of the show, surrounded by classic American cars. Two people that went with us won the prize...Chris's Lotus 2nd place for sport car, Bill's Challenger 2nd place for restored 70's. Sarge won 3 raffle tickets. Sarge had a paint guy "Dean Miyauchi 206-954-5425" helped him with his roof on Sunday at 6:30am! :rolleyes:


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