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Crystal Cove tomorrow?

28 November 2004
Orange County, California
this is a late notice, but any local NSXers up for Crystal Cove tomorrow?
i plan on getting there at before 7 to get a good spot.

i'll be up at 6 and ready if anyone wants to meet up prior before cruising out.

Man.....it would be great if there were places like that within, oh..I do not know....maybe 4 hours or so of here!! All you SoCal guys get to have all the fun. :(
I'll be there a bit before 7:00am.
Plan to park on the side lines though....
(Don't wanna get trapped)
Where are you guys gonna meet?
North or South of CC?

Added.. "talking to few friends about going..., incentive?"
You can check out my new to me NSX?
Last chance to see it with the stock rims?
Zanardi's on the way! :eek:
I have not seen so many Italian cars since the Italiano Concuroso! (-5 sp)
Tino was even there with his Blue Lambo!
What a turn out! :biggrin:
Can someone tell me exactly where Crystal Cove is located? How often is there a meet at this place? Are there any particulars that I should be aware of if I choose to attend?

Thanks in advance.
If it rains.. most Lamborghini and Ferrari guys are afraid to drive their cars out... just a friendly tip. So just don't expect too much when it's a rainy day.