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Group Buy CT Engineering Supercharger kit 91-05 NSX (Ends April 1, 2013)

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20 February 2013
This is a: Direct Vendor Group Buy
Minimum Number of Units: 20
Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited
Closing Date: 4/1/13
Product Will Ship: 2-4 weeks after the group buy is closed, ship date can be delayed at customer's request.
Deposit: $750 Deposit when submitting order, 50% due when we start making YOUR kit, balance due when kit ships.
Payment Methods Accepted: Visa, MaterCard, Discover, Wire Transfer, Check (held for clearance) or Cash.
Estimated Delivery Time: Mid to late April
Shipping & Insurance Costs: $100-150 depending on location. Contact us for International shipping quotes.

Hello everyone:

My name is Nate Haines, I am the Sales Manager at CT engineering,

Turbo2go approached me recently me with a list of buyers who were looking into getting our supercharger kit, and asked me to give special pricing to him. I let him down gently explaining we no longer get involved in group buys on this kit. Our parts costs have increased throughout the years and we have tried hard to keep the retail pricing low. He is very persistent however, emailing me every time his list grew, and he continued to push me to do the group buy. I never expected it to reach this sort of size, nor to have to go to this pricing level. Thankfully, it seems I was able to meet what he was looking for and so the group buy is a go. You will soon receive a private message from me regarding exact pricing. This is indeed a one-time opportunity. We will most likely not do this again.

It is our long-term relationship with the NSX community that has allowed this to happen. We have sold many supercharger kits for the NSX throughout the years, and we are committed to the quality, reliability and performance of each and all of our products.

Once we finalize the list we will go into production. We normally have some parts in production at all times. I realize some people on the list will want kits sooner and some would like time to save. Your intial $750 deposit locks you in for this special pricing. After we receive your second payment we will procure the additional parts and build your kit. You’re looking at 4 weeks after this second deposit before we ship your kit and collect the remaining balance.

To ensure your order is placed and your spot in line, we will need to get orders written and deposits placed in our system. Please call or email me when you are ready to place your orders. Please also be patient with me as I have a long list of people to deal with. Once your deposits are received and your order is placed, you are in the Que. My telephone number is listed below. I can answer any other questions for you here in this thread as well.

Here is the latest list I received from"Turbo2go". Please make sure you name is on the list:

1) Local friend of turbo2go (coupe kit)
2) JZtwins (targa kit)
3) USAFguy22 (coupe kit)
4) Hapa88 (coupe kit)
5) sleek (coupe kit)
6) Nsxprime member wishing to remain anonymous, let's call him Bond. (coupe kit)
7) payam972 (targa kit)
8) Chungnga (targa kit)
9) NSX-tee (coupe kit)
10) dagluestick (coupe kit)
11) JDM_NA1 (coupe)
12) Ramirez428 (coupe)
13) NSXRay1 (coupe... I know you already have my targa brace)
14) 1qwknsx (coupe kit)
15) hlakhani
16) robD
18) fuoss484
19) panteraDave (targa kit)
20) chuckle323 (targa kit)
21) R1uptempo (targa kit)
22) white NSXs (coupe kit)
23) dreamerstudio (coupe kit)
24) Jerminator (coupe kit)
25) Ethan2013 (targa kit)
26) cougarcat (coupe kit)
27) Frascati (coupe kit)
28) TRTotes (coupe kit)
29) Patricio (coupe kit)
31) Pruhnke
32) AU_NSX
33) drTruong
34) Pkim
35) sandman1962
36) nsxmm3
37) uneek
39) midnightsun
40) bruce99
41) tnrebel
42) nsx4LF
43) wtcox
44) heyskippy
45) Wingz
46) groupetto
47) aluminumdream
48) sliqq
49) jdmturtleracin

In order to make things easier we are only selling the kits stripped of the Targa Accessories. You will still need to specify what year NSX this is to be fitted to. Doing this allows us to offer a single price for the all kits to eliminate confusion. If you would like to add our targa brace we will provide this as a separate item at a discount for purchasers of the kit. The targa cover is also available, again at special pricing for members of this GB. Other items like exhausts, intakes, or any performance items may be purchased together with this kit and all items will receive a discount. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting additional items.

This is a chance to own the only NSX Supercharger kit with a California Air Resources Board Exemption Order. This kit is "Smog Legal" In California. Our supercharger kit is 100% complete. No additional parts are necessary although additional performance items will net bigger power gains. Installation MUST BE done by a qualified shop, and we recommend a number of checks prior to installation which I will outline here. We all want many happy miles from the kit and your vehicle.

Oh I almost forgot: Even after pushing me for price Dave asked for some other bonus for this group buy, and I agreed to laser etch the snout of every supercharger bought on this GB with your car's serial number. The snout will say "Supercharger kit built for NSX# XYZ123 by CT-Engineering". This is done by a $40,000 dollar machine and is available to you at no charge.

I want to thank each and every one of you for continued support throughout the years. NSX owners are a great bunch, and one my favorite group of Honda owners to deal with. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with all of you.

Thank you,

Nate Haines
CT Engineering
ph: (916) 635-4550 x.300
fx: (916) 635-4632
[email protected]

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^^ I think only people on the group buy list will get the price thru pm.

You will soon receive a private message from me regarding exact pricing. This is indeed a one-time opportunity. We will most likely not do this again.

The additional performance items, are they exhaust, intake, header? Are there anything else?

No additional parts are necessary although additional performance items will net bigger power gains
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Hello Nate,

As you can see there are a large number of group buy, I am pretty sure there are also a number of this group buy would like you to install them as well. So will you do the installation? And how much are those performance items at the discount price?
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Bout time Nate! Glad you finally got vendor approval :). Ill be calling you in a few days to get my payments started.
Guys I have started to PM everyone, I will continue today after work. Nate can't post the price on this. So just a few more hours and you will receive something from me or Nate. As usual my projects get more time consuming than I expect. LOL

Also to keep things in line with my intent of honesty, Nate kindly agreed to get me a discount on a clutch for all my work here. I just want to let everyone know. It's taken me 100+ hours answering all private messages and putting this together, I hope you guys are cool with that. And thank you to you guys and to Nate.
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Are there any pics to show what the laser etching will look like?

Good for you getting a discount on the clutch. You deserve it!
Thanks for putting all this together!
Thank you dave for your time and persistance with this group buy. Give dave a round of applause,,,,,,, and a lifetime supply of clutches.
Can someone PM me a price for the CTSC and with additional brace for targa?
Hey guys I have PM'ed everyone on here that asked I think, will continue to go down the list. Please be patient I think Nate is a bit overwhelmed.
Thanks for your hard work Dave and Nate.
I replied on the other thread yesterday. Can you PM me Dave?

Best regards,

I say everyone on this GB chip in to get free clutch for Dave.

I'd be down with it, whats 50-100 bucks for someone that is saving us some $$$$ on our S/C's.. I don't know my price yet but I'd be in.
I'm interested in pricing as well - though I'm probably nowhere near ready to order. If the deal is good enough - I might have to look into "self-financing"

- Jeff
Guys really thank you for the kind words. I don't want anyone pitching in on anything for me. Nate is already taking care of me. I already have one of these and so he offered a discounted comptech clutch and I am good with that. It's saving me a lot of money.

I've replied to anyone that asked for a PM on this thread. I'm working still so ill do more tonight.
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