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cyber_x re: the Black NSX

15 August 2001
Foster City, CA
I am actually curious. How is the Black NSX in Foster City. Did you take a look at the car? What year is it? Did you make an offer for how much? Did you test drive it? Could you tell me your experience please. Anything will help.

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gerald -


Actually, I haven't had a chance to take a look at that black 1992 NSX in Foster City yet. Between work and school, I haven't found much time to head up there lately (I live in San Jose). I was about to go this past Saturday, but it turns out the owner was busy that day.

I've been giving it a lot of thought recently, and I think I might actually hold off for a bit and see what other NSX's are offered for sale in the next few months. The asking price of $38,000 for the one in Foster City is a bit higher than what I'd personally like to pay for a 1992. It is low-mileage, though, and according to Jim Shih (the guy who bought the red 1993 I looked at), it is in perfect shape. Not sure if it's in the snap ring failure range - the owner didn't know.

I saw a few old ads offering 1995 NSX-T's for around $44K-$45K, and I'd much prefer to get one of those (even with higher mileage) if and when (hopefully) the price drops to $40K or below.

Anyway, for now, I haven't really settled on anything, and am just keeping my eyes peeled for any good deals. I'll post a follow-up for you if I do go check out the black 1992.

But hey, since you're in Foster City, maybe you'll get there before me. =)
BTW...in case you're interested in checking out the ad and the car, it's posted in the Yahoo Classifieds.
Thank you,
You are right regarding the price. It is too high. I am still waiting for the news on the new models too.

Thank you for the prompt reply