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Did someone say vipers?

11 February 2000
Bay Area
Hey, thought about posting them in the gallery section, but they really belong here.

Did somebody say vipers?


see you later!


some people never learn, here we go again...


see ya!


disclaimer: I'm not saying I'm a baddass driver, just want to have a little fun with you guys. I'm really just really slow!

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When and what was this event at Laguna Seca? I can't discern the number (looks like a 4) on the side but if the viper had a wing, it would've looked very familiar. It's too bad the pictures are not clear.

My car is too noisy for Laguna and got black flagged there 3 times. By the way, since you are from the Bay Area, there are several events coming up at Thunderhill. Maybe I can follow you around and someone can take pictures too.

Ex NSX owner
BlueGTS, this is just for fun, hope you are not offended. This was actually my first ever track event last year. Forgot what month it was, but it was by Greenflag. Maybe you were there, because I remember a blue GTS with big wing, and perhaps BBS LM wheels? I remember passing two viprs, both blue GTS in my run group.
I'm going to be at Laguna with Shelby club getting my ass kicked on Feb 3 and 4, and hopefully I would get in the March Laguna event with NASA. BTW, I would be driving another car, my NSX now is also too loud for laguna.
See you out there!

Please visit my NSX tuning page! Mods, Japanese NSX related stuff, pics!
Hey no big deal. I wasn't at the Green Flag event but sounds like a bunch of vipers were. If you passed them fair and square then you have the right to talk about it. Not all viper owners know how to drive them. Until I solve the 90 db problem I will not be able to return to Laguna and I will not take my Borlas out either. Good luck.
Maomaonsx what kind of exhaust are you running? I am going to the NASA track day there at Laguna Seca on March 3 and 4 but am afraid I wont pass the 92dBa sound limit...
Laguna lowered their sound limit for this year. It is no longer 92 dB, rather 90 dB. George's car is way loud, forget asking him. I have HKS exhaust and CT bypass. And i got black flag on the last session when I really going at it. The reading was 92, 92, 93, 92. So I would have been okay if they didn't lower the limit. But most exhaust wihtout the CT bypass should pass (except RM and what George have). The CT bypass makes the car really loud on WOT (and VTEC range) and when u heel toe downshifting.