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did the starter change in 95?

20 November 2008
Chapel Hill, NC
and could my 95,made 5/95,have had a leftover 94 starter?

oem starters (i think made by denso) are close to $900,so i ordered this denso reman one to replace what i'm almost positive was an oem one (37k miles on the car)-

they are high quality,and have the same part # as on the denso site.denso doesn't sell directly,advance is an authorized reseller bc i checked with denso tech support on that and to be sure of the right part # before i ordered it.my mechanic said the new one looked a little bigger,and the nose on the gear that touched the flywheel was mostly covered,not fully exposed like the one that came out.

called denso tech support,who seemed sharp,they said the 95 one was upgraded,was a little bigger,that the covering wouldn't make a difference,and that it sounded like the one that came out was a 94 starter; maybe they used the old ones up in early 95's.they said the new one i got (280-0197) was the right part (they should know bc they made them in the first place),and it has started fine the 4 or 5 times i have tried it since it was put in.thanks for reading this long post,just wondering if anyone had run into this.
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i looked at the starter that came out,and it is a denso
Good to know since ~$200 is a lot cheaper than ~$900.
it was about $175 when the core charge is returned.so far it starts fine.