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Does Watkins have noise limits?

8 March 2006
I am not curently running cats as I had some issues with fitment and right now do not even have the correct cats for my car, and am scheduled for trackmasters in 2 weeks. My car is on the loud side at full throttle. Does anyone know if this will be a problem at Watkins Glen? If it is, I may be screwed as I don't know how to make my car quiet in 2 weeks.
I was never talked to by the glen for my gtlw and no cats.LRP was another story:mad:
What about for the yellow wiper blades? They didn't ban you for that?!! :biggrin:

Thanks for the info Doc.
As long as mods are deemed safe they are allowed .There are no rice limits only db!:wink:
All this talk of an upcoming track day and so little driving!

Dave, dont get caught off guard without a BIG ASS WING!!!!

You will never make it around that track without at least 500 lbs of downforce. You need canards on the front too! The understeer is going to be incredible without them!!!


Youre gonna love it. Then you will be like the rest of us, hating our NSXs cuz you need new tires every second week. I swear to god that I hate it. There is always SOMETHING that needs attention. But man, is it an awesome car!