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Escorts "SOLO"?

14 May 2007
Beaumont, Texas
Anyone here use one? I have the Escort 8500 in my car but it's a PITA swapping from the wifes car to the NSX to my truck. I've had Escorts earlier Solo's but not their latest. I was rather unhappy with the earlier versions but really want to keep it cordless for convenience. Any pros/cons with their newer version? Thank's.
If you want an escort, go to craigslist. If you want a radar/laser detector get a V-1.
I have an escort "SOLO" in my garage that I bought over a year ago. If you need one let me know, mine works just fine and still in great condition. I think I still have the box too?
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I have an Escort, unfortunately not the kind Rob recommends:wink:, in one of my cars and a Valentine 1 in the other and once you have a V1, you learn to hate all the others.
I know all about V1's reputation, but I need something "cordless" at the moment. V1 is on my Xmas list for the wife to find.:biggrin:
The Escort Solo S2 is a POS compared to the best corded models like the Valentine One. It will have difficulty detecting radar from a great distance, around a curver, over a hill, POP radar, instant-on radar, etc. Look how poorly a brand new Escort Solo S2 performed at the latest independent unbiased radar detector test.


This is why battery operated detectors suck so bad.