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Factory Bose Stereo Knowledge

1 March 2001
laguna hills ca usa
Info please! The driverside door speaker on my 93 factory Bose seemed to be blown. After diagnosis the amp was changed. Still the left side does'nt seem as bright and powerful as the left. The explaination was that the resistor on that side is'nt cooled and therfore as capable as the right side. Question.. is it normal that the driver's side doesnt put out as much sound as the right side? Or when you shift the balance from left to right do they sound the same? Thanks in advance!
In general, I've noticed that factory bose systems tend to be biased to the passenger side. Both vettes I had (96 and 2000) were like that. It wasn't a huge difference that made it sound terrible, but it was obvious that the right speaker was doing more work.
It's a Bose thing.
When I first got my 2000 NSX-T, I thought my driver's side speaker wasn't working at all until I switched the balance full-over to the left. Sure enough, the speaker is working, just much quieter. I have since balanced the stereo to favor the left side a bit more...and crank it up to compensate.

I'm assuming this is normal.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
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Just for speculation sake and given the audio 'trickery' Bose will often use...

Might it be possible that Bose increases the output from the passenger side to help compensate that the driver's head is closer to the left speaker making this sort of an 'auto' balance type feature for optimum default sound?

Who knows. I do know that my left leg tends to muffle the driver speaker anyway, so this phenomenon makes it even more noticeable to me.
A resistor... not cooled...

Whoa... Who's the ding dong that gave you that excuse?

The door speakers are connected directly to the power amplifier. There are no in-line resistors between the amp and speaker.

It would be necessary to run a freq. sweep to determine if there is a design volume differential between left and right.
The same thing happened to my driver side and I went to davescoolstuff.com and got a replacement amp. After it was installed, I noticed the same thing. The left side don't have the same sound level nor it has any dynamics. Now I have the balance almost all the way to the left to maintain the balance.

I don't have this problem with my legend Bose system. So I know that it is not the right setup.

I think that the replacement amp has different components than the factory ones. I think that you'd want to replace both amps from the same shop. I didn't. So now I hardly listen to my stereo at all. I crank up the Vtech instead.