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First drive pix!

4 June 2008
Dubai, UAE
So as administrator of the Middle East group I organised an S2K group drive and decided to take my new Berlina Black (Jetpilot's ex) for a spin. Lots of attention and some awesome pics:

Lotsa pics (I am very excited!!) Sorry 56k!













the wheels look great on the car, and the CF Lip is a nice subtle touch~!!!
Can you make your local registration responsable if your engine overheat because of the size of the license plate? :tongue: :D
Those pics look great. Cant wait to do the 02 front upgrade!!
Well, they were great racing seats, but I wanted something comfortable to be very honest with you - I got the same interior treatment as the rest of the interior done on the stock seats - looks awesome will post up pics soon. In fact Jetpilot looked at them and commented that he wished he'd done that in the first place ;) They really do look that good!

we had a Weisman at the drive as well. Will try and get some more pics up soon!

Thanks for all the kind words!
Hey Rich, we had about 10 S2000s in total, and then about another 6 or 7 random cars including the NSX as well. More people had confirmed but plenty dropped out at the last instant as is usally the case!

We must do a drive again soon where you can join as well - maybe when Cam get's his Imola in a couple of months!?
whyd he sell it after all that work!!!!!?

looks great btw

Because he wanted his Imola!

Trust me I should have saved for the past year and bought the Imola first and foremost. But I was impatient, wanted an NSX, wanted to do the +02 conversion, then took on a new job thus being paid more so here we are...
Yup, we had a 4-5 day period where the skies were covered with sand!!

It wasn't blowing too much thankfully and started clear up shortly thereafter. But it made it a bit cooler, so that was welcome!
Cyberdog, the NSX is in the garage for some minor work being done by Jetpilot as he wants it top nic handing it over!

Promise to take plenty of pics as soon as I get it back!
Sure do that, we can have a mini meet in your honour :wink: