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FRAM Sure Drain anyone?

21 October 2005
Anyone used this before? It basically replaces the oil drain plug with a valve and comes with a hose that will actuate the valve once it's fully screwed on... This way the oil drains through the hose to whereever you aim it :)

It seems to be a great idea - no more spraying oil all over your rear suspension! But I was wondering if there are any side effects I should be aware of... It is a Fram product after all :rolleyes:
Thats a great idea for a Chevy Impala, not a car where the engine cost 30 grand to replace new.
I dont know about this fram valve, but I used fumoto valves on my sti and evo and they worked great.
I use this on my X:

I have been using one for years. At first I also pulled the drain plug to see if all the oil was being removed. It was. You can get the same product for less at boat dealers.

Yeah, they also have the electric-powered ones at boat dealers so you don't even have to manually pump.

This was a gift from my wife so I didn't want to discourage her :wink:

The Griots catalogs come addressed to her :biggrin: