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Gas pedal pressure... what is it normal ?

24 July 2000
I've noticed it takes a bit of pressure to push down the gas pedal...has anyone else noticed this? Is this something that comes along with age/milage? if so it sucks...i hate having a heavy gas pedal... is it the pedal itself or the performance of the engine? I hope its the pedal...what do you guys think?
I'm not very familiar with the NSX (don't have one), but the one I drove briefly did have a semi-stiff gas pedal.

It is common for older 1st-gen MR2s to have stiff throttle pedals. One of mine had this. I lubricated every part of the throttle linkage I could find, from the pedal all the way back to the throttle body. It helped somewhat, but not as much as I had hoped. My current MR2, however, has a silky smooth, very light throttle even at 142k miles. Not sure why this is, but I'll take it.

The older MR2 uses the old-fashioned throttle cable. I think 95+ NSXs have throttle-by-wire?
So what should I do? Is this the pedal that is hard to push or is it the engine not accelerating as quickly as it should?
No this would not be related. The rubber gromet is just a stop so when the pedel return to the idle position it has something to rest on. It could be someone put a stronger spring somewhere on the throttle linkage to stop this problem?? It sound like that or he needs to lube the cable.