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Gauging interest: Comptech Superharger Group Buy

Best part of this kit.... Right here:

Guys CTE doesn't do installation but there are a lot of installers in your area. I recommend you wait a week, then once CTE has the GB thread up you speak directly with them and see who they recommend to you. These can be installed by most dealers as well but a specialist is preferred. Install is not terribly complex on this, but you want someone that can check your engine and fuel system and make sure everything is in good shape.

Please be restrained in talking about installation and places and stuff on this particular thread. Thanks.
I have the itch!!

Will I be included in the group buy simply by posting my desire here or will I need to scratch my name on the vendor GB page?

I don't want to miss this one. :)
CT engineering will post all the details next week. You'll get a PM on pricing and have the opportunity to give a deposit so you get your name in line. They have to properly setup as a vendor here first and that will happen in just a few days. Nate from Comptech will be here and can answer any questions too.
interested in coupe kit, all depends on the pricing.
You guys have PM. Price is pretty much set now. I got the "can't go a penny lower" talk. The price is terrific if you have reasonable expectations. These parts have a certain cost (which have increased over the years) and unless we can go to lysholm with a 5000 unit order, it isn't going any lower. I needed a certain amount of people to reach the bottom of what is possible and we've clearly done that. Thank you guys for the support. I've had a slight paperwork delay but you will hear from CT-Engineering here shortly.
No PM here, but I'm a patient guy. :)

Question - does the replacement targa holder reduce visibility in the rear view, and if so, how much? It's no deal breaker, I'm just curious.
I meant the last two guys that said they were on the fence have PM. Nate from CT will PM everyone or unless you have to know right now, you can PM me. If I get enough time maybe I can start PM'ing people. I just don't want to start pushing the boundaries as a member and not a vendor here, all transactions and pricing talk should be handled by CTE.

The cover: no it doesn't change visibility one bit. Please know this GB kit is going out as the coupe kit. If you want the cover it's optional. Too many people remove the covers so even on the targa kit listed on the CTE website, it's still an optional item.
The cover does change visibility once you put your top in. With top still on the car, you're fine.

Just wanted to add that
Matt, really? I never noticed a change at all. What are you seeing? I can't imagine it is anything significant. Nothing that actually affects rearward visibility. I only used my cover a few times anyway then sold it. What are you seeing exactly?
Yes, I understand the cover is extra. I need it because I take long road trips in my car and want to be able to go topless while still carrying suitcases/beer/ect. Thanks!

When the top is in the cover, I no longer am able to see through the gap of the r spoiler and the car. Without it, I am. That is the difference. Very minimal.

When the top is in the cover, I no longer am able to see through the gap of the r spoiler and the car. Without it, I am. That is the difference. Very minimal.

What he said. However, the driver's height and hence the rear view mirror adjustment with a given driver's height also make a difference.