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Gran Turismo

27 March 2000
Palos Verdes, CA
This is kind of a weird question, but how many of you play (or even heard of) Gran Turismo on the Sony PlayStation? I noticed the game mentioned in the FAQ, which kind of caught me by surprise.

Am I the only one whose first experience driving the NSX came from a video game? Actually, I believe it was The Need For Speed (PC) that gave me my first NSX experience

Of course, the question remains...will I ever take my NSX to the track or will I confine my races to the virtual world?

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."


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I bought my NSX during a Chicago winter. It was a mild one but regardless the NSX was nestled in the garage. I did rent the game on a snowy day in order to get a watered-down NSX fix.
Gran Turismo is great...where else will you be able to drive a Skyline GT-R R34 V-spec in the comfort of your living room?? That and a handful of other JDM cars.

There's also GT2 now, and expect GT2000 to be released when Playstation 2 debuts this fall. That'll rock.
Who's waiting until fall?! I'm sure I'll be playing GT2000 on our office's PS2 as soon as it comes out in Japan (which I believe is any day now...unless it has been delayed).

I'm still playing through GT1 (my virtual NSX is fast approaching 500hp). I do have GT2, but decided I should finish the first one before getting into the sequel.

Did I mention I work in the game industry?
Your site rules! Mind if I put a link to it from my personal site?

I was wondering how many real world auto enthusiasts actually played racing games (considering how well GT is done, I'm not THAT surprised)...especially ones who own serious cars like the NSX.

Your forum has been getting SERIOUS activity. Wow!

Did you see the screnshots of my new site?
I'm working on it on my spare time. I've actually been writing code for it for over a year now. Its using MySQL database and mod_perl for Apache. I hope you check back to it in the future.
Hey guys, post your settings for the NSX in GT1
I have a modfied(everything) NSX type-S zero.
What is your best lap for SS route I? (the 2nd difficult night track) I spent a lot of time on that track setting my car.
Also, what is your best 1/4 with the R33 GTR?

Please visit my NSX tuning page! Mods, Japanese NSX related stuff, pics!
I am close to having a fully modified NSX Type S Zero in GT1, only a few parts left to buy. I've only just started playing with the settings (can't believe how many settings there are once the parts are in place) and so far have been hurting the car's handling more than boosting it.

I'll have to look up my best lap times on the SS Route I. I seem to recall having some good races on it even without modifying my settings.

And so far, I only have a semi-modified Prelude (my starting car) and a semi-modified Type R in my garage. I realize I'll have to move on to other cars for the special events, but for now I'm all Honda/Acura (just like in real life).
If u think GT1 has that many settings. Check out the GT2. With LSD, TCS, it's even more complicated.

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Now I know why I love you guys!

I have GT1 and have the "Game Shark" cheat codes so I have $14,000,000 available. Needless to say, I have bought everthing and configured ever NSX in there with just about everything. Be careful when you get all the mods and do the Stage 3 weight reduction... your NSX will almost come unglued from the track.

I have been playing GT2 for some time now and even have a Yellow NSX-T that I drive on there just like the one in the driveway.
Well, I am glad to see that when the weather turns bad that the Playstations come out and our driving skills are all honed.

PS: How many of you have actually driven Laguna Seca and have played it on GT2?! Is it really that radical in the "corkscrew" section. Gotta get on the brakes hard before you get in there.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black
[email protected] http://www.g3.com
I was just watching CNN last night when they talked about the new PS2 and how the technology in the console can be used by the Defense department or something like that. They're saying the chip in the PS2 is powerful enough that if it got into the wrong hands, people could be launching missles or something like that. Well, I didn't listen to the entire clip closely...I was too busy watching the screen shots of GT2000!!

The quality is AMAZING!!! They had a clip with a R34 Skyline and Mitsu EVO VI zooming on the screen...I can hardly wait until the system comes over here.

I know that you can buy the system here already. As a matter of fact, a local gaming store is charging $700 for an imported version...nutso.
The only reason I bought GT2 was because it had the Mobil 1, Castrol Mugen, Takata, and Raybrig NSX on it. I dont have a real NSX but Ive driven one and I praise the car daily. I do own 4 of them but they are all 1:24 scale models with more on the way.

I found a golden site for model collectors like myself at http://www.hobbyjapan2000.com

By the way, you guys/gals wont get upset if a non NSX owner posts on your UBB will you?

'99 Black GSR
I played the early demo of GT2000 last year at E3 when it was basically a port of GT2. Thankfully, the game has come a long way from that first public display...but it still is essentially GT2 on steroids.

I'll be first in line to get my PS2 and will definitely pick up GT2000 as soon as it is available. But GT2000 is still just an enhanced version of GT2. Enhanced meaning better graphics running at 60fps, with nice touches including heat distortion rising from the ground, mondo lens flares, realistic reflective surfaces (you actually see your surroundings reflected now...right down to the actual lines on the road beneath your car). The real game of interest will be the version AFTER GT2000.

Again, I'll be buying GT2000.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our office has a PS2. Though the PS2 is a powerful system (the media is blowing this whole "military" aspect out of proportion...it is a typical side-effect of technology moving faster than government), but, as is typical of launch titles, many of the current games really don't show what PS2 is capable of. In video I've seen, GT2000 is no exception. While it is an improvement over GT2 in every way, it is not significantly so to truly blow me away.

Still, I plan to buy the game.
My wife gave me a red 1/18 scale Honda NSX model (Revell) back when we first started dating. I bet she never expected me to buy the real deal 8)
What I think about the PS2 weapon usage rumors... I think its Sony's PR hard at work coming up with something almost believeable to downplay all the negative press the machine has been getting. I got the PS2 about a month ago, I've played 4 games on it include Ridge Racer 5. The first generation of games are seriously dissappointing when considering the competing platform's (Dreamcast) software looks almost as good. I have Sega GT for Dreamcast, and it is an excellent game. I have no doubt that the PS2 will eventually have software that blows away the Dreamcast, but there are very serious problems with the first generation of games. I am hoping that Polyphony Digital (GT2000's developer) will figure out how to overcome the problems that all current software titles have, specifically major aliasing problems and low detail textures.

Akira3D, GT2000 will not be a port of GT2, but will have many enhancements including new tracks. They have delayed the release date to later this year. I am predicting that it will be released close to the time of the US PS2 release date.

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I wasn't saying that GT2000 is a port, but should be looked at merely an enhanced version of GT2. IMHO, it's not a dramatic change over the previous release, but mainly a graphics overhaul with some added extras so that it has SOME newness over GT2.
Regardless of when GT2000 actually hits the streets, I'm sure I'll get to play it next month. I'm going to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, baby!
Today I was driving up to Boulder Creek (a town in the Santa Cruz Mtns. here in CA) and I needed directions, so I asked this kid for a heads-up on where I was going. He tells me where it is and says "hey, I'm going up there, too... can I get a lift?". No problemo.

We're driving in the car for maybe 10 seconds and he says, "hey man, I know this sounds weird, but there's this video game called Gran Turismo and the ONLY car I drive in the game is the NSX... and now I'm riding in one... I can't believe it" (GREAT SMILE on his face).

I mentioned that I'd seen this thread and said I'd pick up the pace a bit and he could tell me how it compared to the game.

He thought the real thing was "WAAAAAY BETTER, MAN..." When he got out of the car, he had the best smile on his face....
I spent many hours playing GT for the playstation when it first came out, in my opinion it is the best racing video game of all the serious type racers (as opposed to mario kart type, great physics>kiddy graphics)
Funny thing is, my car was always an RX7 in that game. I found the handling to be more akin to my prefered driving style (drifter), the NSX too rigid.
As the story goes, it was at this same time that I was deciding to upgrade from my 87 911 and I had actually gone to see a mint, under 20,000 km 94 RX7 TT w/ sports pkg. and in Silver...a stunning car to be sure. After my test drive I was less stunned. although the car could scream up to speed, I found it could easily overpower itself on corners and it had a somewhat "jittery" feel to its handling overall. The shifter wasnt very smooth and the tactile experience was further dampened by having my 6'2" frame squeezed into an incredibly small interior.

The car I eventually got (in real life) was the NSX...now that first drive is something I wont forget!! The snick-snick of the shifter, the incredibly comfortable interior, that glorious V-TEC howl, the suprising feeling of intimacy and comfort (even tho' this is the first time you've ever driven this car)....I was blown away.Needless to say, the check was written moments later.
The point being, I find that in GT I prefer the RX7 and in real life, its the NSX .
Do you think this is some mysterious plot by Sony and Mazda to undermine their arch rival Honda!!??!! HMMMMMMMMMMMM.....maybe not.