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help identify where these screws go.

21 July 2022
Took the seats out for cleaning, carpet for cleaning, OEM console removed to put aftermarketrear bulkhead.JPG double din, door panels off to put speakers in, bulkheads out to clean and put an amplifier in. Everything got put in a pile. only thing I can't really remember is which screws go where. There are a few missing screws because I have a few broken tabs and they may have been lost in the shuffle. But here is what I have and the screw is next to a measuring tape to help.tempImagerAEd2X.jpgtempImage43sykL.jpgtempImageTlEcTl.jpgtempImageSK12ow.jpgtempImagezQesgL.jpg
I have 10 #1
I have 10 #2
I have 15 #3
I have 7 #4--I know these go to the door handle
I have 2 #5--these are the only ones with washers--I think these go to the rear bulkheads
Your bad!

The parts manual has pretty good pictures of the type of screw; but, yours are all Phillips or JIS cross head so its not like you're going to get any useful info there. The diagrams in the on line parts vendors web sites frequently supply the screw dimensions. They do this for bolts. But, the interior fastening screws are not always called out. If you go to the page for the interior door card you can spot a lot of the door card screws.
You will see that screw #64 (4x12 mm) is used in 8 places on the door. Sort through your piles to find the 4x12 and set aside 8 for each door card. However, you will note that they do not show the screws that hold the door card to the door panel - those screws are shown in some other diagram Move on to the parts diagram for the next interior piece that you pulled and do the same until you have most of the screws accounted for.

Next time, don't go gonzo pulling the interior apart. Grab some Ziploc baggies and mark the bags with a sharpie indicating where the screws came from as you take them off. Saves a lot of guessing later.
#3 are used to both fasten the door panel to the door and 4 of them are for the center armrest box. #1 are mostly used to fasten things to the center console like the ashtray, aspirator fan and sift boot. They are also used to assemble the center armrest box if you took it apart.

For each door handle, there should be 4 thick black screws (they look like #2 in your photos) and 4 gold or silver screws. The thick black ones are used on the metal brackets of the handle and the gold/silver ones are used on the plastic bracket. This is important because the gold/silver ones have a shoulder that helps prevent the plastic bracket from cracking under tension.