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Help needed for seat removal

19 May 2006
Thanks for looking,

I attempted to remove my stock seats today in order to pull the carpets for cleaning and found that my drivers side seat won't slide forward. I consulted the manual and checked the appropriate fuses to no avail. Of course to make matters worse I drive with the seat all the way back. My question is whether it is possible or not to manually slide the seat forward? I didn't see any mention of it in my service manual and can't even see the rear bolts in it's current position. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Make sure your wire harness is connected under the seat. There is no way to manually move the seat forward.
Check to see if you have power at the harness connection under the seat. Will the seat back tilt when you use that function? or just the forward back movement. If the seat back tilts you probably have power. If no power, You could try jumping 12v. power the the connecter.
Spent a little more time this afternoon trying to troubleshoot the seat issue. I checked all the fuses and no luck there. Also pulled the seat switchess off and swapped them, still no luck. Does anyone have any other ideas? Just need to move the seat forward and inch or two to get to the rear mounting bolts.

if motor stop working, i guss switch wont help. is it possible that you remove the front bolts first, and then try rear bolts? i know that you dont have to move the seats for removing front bolts.
I was 99% sure it was the motor prior to trying the switches, just wanted to eliminate and possible causes. I actually tried removing the front two bolts which does allow the seat to lift a bit but still no luck. Im hoping there is some way to manually move the seat on the track to gain access to the rear. Would hate to have to tear apart the seat to get to the bolts!