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How about a subforum (regional) moderator?

26 September 2003

I think a subforum moderator would be useful for the different regions.

For instance, if there is an event coming up that should be stickied in that region, a moderator for that region can do so or unsticky a thread quickly (we have an outdated thread that is still stickied in the southcentral forum).

Anyway, a really active member in that region can help with little things like this in a more timely manner.

Another example is to change the title of a thread once ideas have been gathered and a decision has been made such as this thread.

I know the few moderators that we do have are busy and don't check every region and threads.

Thanks for listening

Hi Matt,

Threads should be unsticked the same way they were made sticky to begin with: someone needs to request it. If a thread sits there as sticky past it's date of relevance it's because someone asked for it to be made sticky but then nobody bothered to ask to have the sticky removed.

The easiest way for me is if you use the "report post" function (
) and just ask for it to be made sticky/un-sticky because the Report Post function sends me a link to the thread. You can e-mail or PM as well but please include a link to the thread if you do that.

The same for changing the title of a thread.

Beyond that if you think there is a need to benefit to having a moderator to a regional forum, nominate someone and say why you think they should do it. I am not opposed to it (the NSX Club of Canada has one of their guys moderating that subforum) but I need a reason and a moderator that group is comfortable with.
Thanks Lud

I guess your way is best as far as getting a thread stickied/unstickied.

I have seen the southcentral group (at least Houston) grow so I was thinking that it would be nice to have someone who is a regular/old-timer like Zishan (formerly nsxfoyoass) and a frequent visitor of the forum who could assist in moderating with the more traffic that we hope to get.

I guess we can wait til the Houston group gets even bigger and more posters to where we can ask for our own sub-subforum before we get our own moderator.
Hey Lud

Can Houston get their own sub-forum separate from the southcentral forum?

It seems 90% of the threads in this forum are for Houstonians.

Or at the least, can Texas secede from the southcentral forum?
If this happens I think a Texas only market place would be a great addition for us not wanting to ship,etc.So we dont clutter the main market place.
don'ta messa witha the Tejas...

A 'Texas' regional sub-forum under "Southcentral" sounds like a really good idea, indeed...

However, are there conflicting/parallel threads from other surrounding areas which fall into the "Southcentral" region clogging up the sub-forum, to warrant such? The "Southcentral" sub-forum isn't exactly a Mecca of activity, so to speak... *sigh* :p

If this happens I think a Texas only market place would be a great addition for us not wanting to ship,etc.So we dont clutter the main market place.
Are you s-s-sirius? Ha! G'luck w/ that, really... :D

You/me/we are lucky & fortunate to even have a marketplace sub-forum, for how much of a headache the site's admin' has to go through. . .