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How many NSX's do you see in a week? Is it rare in your area?

22 April 2012
So how many NSX's do you see a week? Not counting local car meets. Would you consider it rare in your area?

Supposedly CA has the largest concentration of NSX's per region. Over here in the Bay Area, I see maybe 1-2 per week and I consider that quite rare. However it's not so rare that nobody knows what it is. Most people here do you know what an NSX is and what it looks like.

I heard in some regions, the NSX is so rare that you'll be lucky if you see 1 a month and most people have no idea what it is. Is that true?
Where I am at there has been more and more NSX's around. Used probably only see it once or twice annually!! Now a bit more often, probably once every month or so? And yes it's true, no one really knows what it is unless they are auto enthusiasts, which we do have a handful here in the GVRD (Greater Vancouver). The Younger crowd don't really know of the car either xD
NSXs are very rare in Illinois, you don't see them at all and almost nobody knows what it is. I don't think I saw more than 5 excluding meets and other occasions where I expected to see it.
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There are quite a few enthusiasts here but I still go through long dry spells of not spotting one. I went for about a year without seeing one then saw two unrelated within a few blocks of each other. Before that I would go years without seeing one.
Here in Massachusetts it's quite rare. Last time I saw another NSX besides mine was about 2 weeks ago and then it was probably 6 months before that sighting. I think on average I would see 2 NSXes a year on the public roads.
I've only seen 1 in the past 6-7 months.
Very surprising posts indeed. I guess its true Norcal and Socal has the most NSX's.

Arizona has got to have a bunch of NSX's as well. Science of Speed is there and PHOEN$X has at least 8% of all NSX's in AZ.
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NSX's are pretty rare in the midwest. The attention get you get while driving is pretty intense.
Funny this popped up, as I had this conversation with someone today. I'd say in this area I might see another NSX once (maybe) every 6 months or so - and when I do I find myself turning my neck to take a look ! This area has about 2MM people (some call it the "Hampton Roads" area - Virginia Beach) so I'm kinda surprised not to see any more around. Lots of BMW's, Corvettes etc, but rare to spot another NSX.

In the country I suspect most of them are being horded by Phoenix and Shawn . . . . :biggrin:
Last time I saw one was at least a year and a half ago. I know there is another one in town i just never see it.
In Omaha....maybe 1 -2 a yr. Usually at car meets. Where I am at right now...0. While driving mine I have only seen 2 in my entire time owning my NSX. Funny I will spot one when not in my car though.
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Before I owned my car I saw maybe one a year. Since I bought my car that I have owned for about 4 years I have seen 0. I know there is two near by me but they dont come out much to play. I just seem to not get lucky and run into them on the street. Maybe they are not around anymore who knows.
Lots of fellow owners at my employer - some even drive daily so I see them in the parking lot!

Not so many in other cities when I travel though. Mostly GT-Rs around...
I have yet to see one "in the wild", although through car meets I know there are several in the area.

Regarding California - this is a fun set of graphics:




Over here in Victoria, Australia, I hadn't seen one in the flesh before I bought mine last year at a ripe old age of 34.But friends say they see them once.in a blue moon.....once probably every 2-5 yrs.We did get only 250 in Australia over all the years...but we do only have a pop of 22 million.
I am just outside of Portland Or. I think there may still be one in the area but I have not seen it in at least 2 yrs. Other than that I have not seen one in maybe 5 yrs. As a automobile instructor I see a lot of cars but no NSX's. It is truly a attention grabber to say the least.
I rarely see them in Hawaii, except for what few meets we have. I flew to Sacramento and saw 3 red nsxs in 5 hours of being there. Pure coincidence, but still it was pretty crazy.
I'm blessed to see mine every day. However, there could be as many as fifteen NSXs in the San Antonio area so, other than car meets, I see maybe one a month.
Very surprising posts indeed. I guess its true Norcal and Socal has the most NSX's.

Arizona has got to have a bunch of NSX's as well. Science of Speed is there and PHOEN$X has at least 8% of all NSX's in AZ.

Yep, AZ has a bunch of owners... one local non-Primer owner I met at a car show had never heard of SOS *seriously?*
The NSX is even more rare in Europe, I live in Belgium French and I've never seen another NSX than mine ... in 6 years