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How many NSX's do you see in a week? Is it rare in your area?

The only time I see other NSXs is at my mechanic's shop or when we have a meet. Take those away and I probably don't see more than 1 or 2 a year "in the wild".
Here in lafayette, louisiana.. Land of the cajuns... People dont know what an nsx is besides the car kids. There's only 2 other ones that i know but rarely driven.
I feel like I see maybe one every other month or so during the Spring/Summer. I'd see them at local dealerships in for service, or in parking lots. I can't recall the last time I've seen a moving NSX outside of the weekly C&Cs.
I have never seen an NSX driving down the road.
Funny, but I see one almost every day -- a Kaiser Silver T -- guy works nearby and I believe it's his daily driver. There's a black one that's around too.
I see a ton of Lambos, Ferraris, Astons and even a Veyron every once in a while, but very few NSXs. Mercedes SLs and Porsches are a dime a dozen here.
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Very very rare here in NE Ohio. Saw one other in the last 12 mos. Very few exotics in this part of the country.
I know where another one is but its on a showroom floor and its never driven. So besides mine I havent seen one since about 1997. Very few I meet do not know what it is but have found very few know anything about it.
Have not seen too many in East Tennessee. I have people taking pictures on interstate at 80. I have had on two different occasions were someone has asked me if the could take there picture with the car. I told them to clear it with my wife.

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Have not seen too many in East Tennessee. I have people taking pictures on interstate at 80. I have had on two different occasions were someone has asked me if the could take there picture with the car. I told them to clear it with my wife.
I have seen less than 20 in my life that I wasn't meeting up with. Very rare in CT. (I am 37 for reference).
I never see any in my area. But I often spot them out of town in large metro areas and once on a rural area highway. These cars are rare people--enjoy them.
weird..i don't see any on the road,but then i log onto the internet and they are all over the place....
I have yet to see one "in the wild", although through car meets I know there are several in the area.

Regarding California - this is a fun set of graphics:


I had no idea that there were so many '05 Imola's.

Since moving to Georgia, i've seen 2 in 4+ years, although i saw 3 others at a show last Sunday in addition to my '93: one '91 and two silver 02's.
I saw 3 in my lifetime. Two of which I suspect were the same one.

Although I'm pretty sure I saw the ghost of an NSX last summer. I was driving at night on the highway and I saw taillights that looked like an NSX but I was pretty far away so I tried to catch up. The faster I went, the further it got. Then at some point it disappeared... only to reappear a minute later. So I stepped on it but it got away AGAIN, Rince and repeat another time and this time it was really gone. I was doing 140kph in a 70 zone trying to catch the damn thing but I could never tell if it was my dream car or not that I was following ...

I saw a Veyron downtown Montreal last year but I wasn't nearly as excited as when I saw a black NA1 two or three years ago (also in downtown). I had to catch up to it but when I did... the sound it made... awww <3
In Omaha....maybe 1 -2 a yr. Usually at car meets. Where I am at right now...0. While driving mine I have only seen 2 in my entire time owning my NSX. Funny I will spot one when not in my car though.

Same area as Nukem... there are 5 of us here on prime now in the area who may plan to hook up or show up at a coffee and cruise or car show. Then I see them.

But apart from a planned meet, I have never seen another NSX in the WILD when I've been out in mine (since March 08). Maybe 1 to 3 sightings a year in the WILD when I've been in another car.

Most people aren't sure what they are... from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette... some Honda/Acura guys definitely droool over them.

I had mine at the World of Wheels car show here this past March & I was told there were quite a few people gawking & drooling over it. I wish I had spent more time at the show people watching, or hanging out near the car. I had a busy schedule. (It was the only one at the show & I had car guys in the show coming up and asking me what it was.)

There was a red 2002+ or an earlier NSX with the 02 conversion in the area I saw a couple years back three times, but I was never able to connect with the owner. I thought I almost had him corralled once at a left turn lane, but at the last moment he switched lanes, went through the intersection on a green, pulled a U-Turn, came back and turned right onto the street we were going to go on... by the time the left hand turn light turned green, it was long gone. (I was in my DD).

In these parts if you see one in the wild you better be quick, or they are outta sight and long gone. Similar to the Big Foot phenomenon.
I've lived in Sacramento going on nine years now. In those nine years I've seen (not counting a meet or being in Shad's shop); 4 Formula Red coupes, 1 Berlina Black coupe, 2 Yellow '97-'01, 1 Imola Orange '02+, Macninja's '02+ LBBP, 1 Silver '02+, 1 GPW '97-01, 1 Brooklands Green NA1..... and of course, my Berlina Black '02 :)

These sightings include Sacramento and Bay Area and can even recall exactly where the sighting occurred.
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