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How many NSX's do you see in a week? Is it rare in your area?

I have seen about 15-20 in my lifetime, which is why I got one. It's amazing how many people know what it is around here.
Only mine, unless someone has a secret hidden in a shed somewhere!! :)

And yes, it amazes me how many people know what it is around here considering the numbers of NSX in Australia.
I've only seen two in my home town since I purchased mine in '09 and only a couple of others that I can remember in the state since the car has been out, with the exception of the local mini-expo. I was driving to work the other day and saw a (only the second one I've seen in town) formula red '95-'01 with an older gentleman at the helm on the same short drag I use to access the highway. I was totally taken off guard. What a cool car to see "in the wild".:biggrin:
Cambo do you have a larger picture that you used for your avatar?
In Springfield, MO I've seen a total of 6...ever.

There was a local guy that has owned 2 of them, one of which (Berlina) got passed around to a couple of other locals, and the other (Silverstone) got totaled, unfortunately. (CTSC model...and in the rain at 30 mph, no less)

There was a Dodge Viper meet that I attended where there were about 5, but they weren't from our area, so I guess those don't count.

There was a guy in Aurora that had one(New Formula), but recently sold it to a buyer in PA.

There used to be a Rio in town, but I've not seen it in 5 years or so.

There was a Kieser that was passing through and needed a tire, and I pulled up to work just as he was leaving. That was a couple of years ago, so I'd say it's been that long since I've seen another one.


I've heard of a couple of other New Formula cars in town, but I've not ever seen them in person.

It would be nice to find a couple of other owners close by, but I'm thinking that if they are in fact around somewhere that they aren't on here and never bring their cars out. :(
Not too many but when I do see one it's like "WOW" and funny thing is I own one. lol! :tongue:

+1, doesn't matter if you are an owner, every time I see one, my eyes still follow the car! :)
Western suburbs of Chicago - maybe I see 1 every 3 months? Unless I go to car shows, etc. Actually, walking through Naperville the other day I saw a black one that I haven't seen before - maybe there are a couple around but it seems all the guys on prime don't live near me.
A week after I posted in this thread about only having seen one NSX in the wild, a '94 shows up only a few houses away on my street. I talked with him and he's up here from Virginia visiting friends.
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I'm from Hawaii and have seen maybe 3-4 on Oahu. When I lived in CA (northern) you would see them relatively frequently (3/month). Now that I'm on the east coast it is very very rare to see an NSX and not many people know what they are. There is a direct correlation to weather/road conditions. Potholes, random road construction, and snow are definite deterrents. I'm sure the likely hood of seeing one "in the wild" peaks in the summer time. It's also the case when shopping for a pristine one.
I live close to DC, and I'm lucky to see one NSX every three months or so. I see more Ferraris and Lambos than I do NSXs.
I've seen two in the past year in Pittsburgh.
See one a month, if I am lucky :(
Freaky thing. A few years back I was trying to explain my wife just how rare the NSX is. We were sitting in a restaurant looking at a busy road at the time, and I told her, “Just watch the road. You’ll see a ton of Corvettes but no NSX’s.
A minute later an NSX drove by.:redface:
P.S., in Houston I’ll spot one every two months or so.