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Hugo's Window Upgrade Tour

2 May 2009
the 808 state
Aloha, everyone! I just asked Hugo for a window upgrade kit installation during his "vacation" tour passing through the islands. He will be visiting the islands from October 23rd - November 7th, I believe. If anyone else is interested in doing one of his window kit installations, email him or private message him, and let's get some bookings set up! Mahalos in advance.
Yeah...I bought the kit and figured this would be duck soup to install if a little kid can do it, but I am a little bit scared. I will definitely get these done by him, if he passes through.
PM'd him. Hopefully we get a sign up sheet going.
I'm in. I have to order another set from him though as my original set went with the sale of my old car.
Thanks guys! So I am in, plus Chris, and Robert. So far, so good. Should we try to set a date up? How would, September 26th, a Saturday be for everyone?
Just making sure, he's gonna be on Oahu correct? not like big island Hawaii
What does this repair do exactly? There are these installs happening all across the country but I don't get it.
I know he is coming to Oahu, but he is planning to visit some other islands also. So I think if we make a few reservations, he will plan his island stops accordingly. Either yourself or I can tell him later, how many install requests we may end up with. Let's just keep in touch.

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FF Drifter,
Basically this upgrade replaces the older plastic parts in your window regulator that slowly break down over time. If you have windows that go up and down slower, this will correct it and drastically improve the window speed. I may have explained this wrong, check out Hugabuga's page on NSX Prime. He gives out all the information with pics and videos. I am not mechanically gifted, so even though I bought the kit already, and watched the video of the little boy replacing everything himself, I am scared to mess with my windows. So, I would want Hugo to do the install for me. I will cost me, but I think it is well worth it. Just my .02.
I did my passenger side myself, but would love to have him to my driver's side. I already have his kit and a brand new window regulator to install it on. Count me in.
If we can absolutely get something set up, I'd rather have Hugo bring a set in for me and pay him at that time. If not I'll try and order a new set soon.
This sounds like a rare opportunity then since he is already going to be in our area. Sign me up as well. If Hugo can also bring the kit and I pay on-the-spot, I would prefer that.
ChrisK & FF Drifter...you should email or private message Hugo that you want him to bring extra window kits with him to the islands and he can do that. I already bought mine a few months ago, I just never got up the guts to take my window apart. And if he hears that more people are willing to do the installation, he can't help but to stop here, for sure. Have a great week, fellas! Stuart
PM'd him about a possible stop on the Big Island. Will update here on the off chance that anyone else over this way is interested and wants to coordinate.

- Chris
This is good news. I actually have 1 spare window regulator that I was going to practice on to do the install, but if Hugo can do it all the better.
Okay, just to confirm, according to Hugo's tour map it looks like the group install on Oahu is on October 3, and 4 correct? Just checking because I'm actually leaving on vacation on October 5th so I don't want to miss out on the install.

Also have we set of an install location?
I'm down to do it pretty much anywhere. Maximum distance anywhere is 45 miles, np :biggrin:
Can we meet up at a park? (Like Kakaako Beach Park or something?) Or does this have to be at someone's garage? I never participated in a group car installation before. But I am pretty much down for anywhere also.
Can we meet up at a park? (Like Kakaako Beach Park or something?) Or does this have to be at someone's garage? I never participated in a group car installation before. But I am pretty much down for anywhere also.

I think someone's house or garage would be best. We will be removing our door panels and window regulators, and he may also have to adjust the window tracks as well, so being in the hot parking lot with no work bench or table may not be a good idea.

I have a townhouse in Kapolei with a two car garage that can work if need be, but it isn't the biggest of places so parking may be a problem depending on how many people show up. Also, I leave for the mainland on the 5th, so I may be busy packing the later half of the day on Sunday.
Hey Chris...thanks for volunteering your garage as workspace. I wish I had a garage, but my place is totally outdoor parking. I would be honored and happy if we could designate your pad as our installation place. I, for one, would be in, and I can be in Kapolei whenever you can take us in. Just let me know...
Yeah sorry guys I have no working area to offer. The last time I did anything that required tools to the car, I spent an hour in the Keʻeaumoku Walmart parking structure. Doubtful they'd be too happy with a group of NSXs installing window parts :biggrin: