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In-Home Speaker Question (Ceiling mount)

28 May 2008
I'm in the process of building a new home. I have a wiring company installing some speakers in the house on the main level in common areas (4), each are 5 1/2 inch ceiling mount. Each set will have a volume control and all of the wires will terminate in the study.

My question is, what would be an idea amplifier (something small) thats enough to power these and allow me to plug in an accessory device (iPhone) or allow for XMRadio? I don't want overkill - just looking for ideas.
Why 5 1/2? That is going to sound really tinny.

Do you realize this is what I do for a living? Call me and I will help you out.
Correction, 6 1/2.

I've heard the same exact setup in a model home and it sounded fantastic. I'm only using it for light music as filler (classic, jazz, Sinatra, Christmas music around the holidays, etc). Not aiming for the best to have a jam session party. :)

All I need help with is the amplifier solution at the end-point.
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I've got a Sonos setup for this. Very idiot-proof and works great, but there are probably more economical alternatives out there.

Would be ideal, except you can only plug in a single set of speakers to it. If the same thing "SONOS CONNECT AMP" could support 4 speakers, that would be my solution.
Here is a great "auxiliary" amplifier that has two inputs with auto switching. Inexpensive and good quality. I use one to power patio/outdoor set of speakers.


I see that it says "A speakers and B speakers", which are two sets, but talks about switching. Will it bother BOTH sets of speakers together, or is it only one set or the other?
Steve there's a lot you are not taking into account here. I am offering you free professional advice, take it. Call me or text me. You don't need that Audiosource amp. You need to know about all your options first THEN decide. I can start typing here but it will be long.

You need a receiver with built-in AirPlay or an airport express. You are looking at the wrong sonos product.
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turbo is your guy for this sort of thing, but if you care ,we have a speakercraft BB275 that has worked well for 5 years and drives about 22 ceiling mounts.
14? I wish. More like 23. Jesus... I need to get out. LOL...

Steve in 5 minutes I can enlighten you. What's your holdup? Think you got it figured out? People always call me after the fact seeking reassurance for their mistakes. Please don't be one of those people. LOL.
Would be ideal, except you can only plug in a single set of speakers to it. If the same thing "SONOS CONNECT AMP" could support 4 speakers, that would be my solution.

That's not quite correct. While there are many solutions to your situation, if you really like the Sonos route, don't discount driving multiple pairs of speakers.

See link: https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answ...-a-single-connect:amp-or-sonos-zoneplayer-100

Just make sure your speakers are 8ohm loads each and if you're not cranking them you should be fine. You can also use impedance matching speaker selectors for ohm loads below 4ohm. That little amp is limited so don't expect to be driving a whole bunch of speakers with it someday. For just 4 basic speakers that single Sonos amp will work fine and you will get all the various streaming benefits that come with it.
You totally need the ability to stream music wirelessly. AirPlay
Or similar. A subwoofer will make those speakers come alive!
My wife didn't like my big speakers in the house...so I put them in the garage ceiling...


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He's all set guys. We had a long chat. Doing a combination of Sonos and AirPlay. Unfortunately he has to live with the 5" speakers the builder provides for now.
airplay (or a wireless equivalent) is a must nowdays.

i have airplay/appleTV for my

my kitchen 5.1
office 5.1
ensuite ceiling speakers
ensuite tv
theatre tv
family room tv

it makes music, video sharing super convenient and INEXPENSIVE.

the best part is how cheap, mobile and convenient it is to setup! no more running all the connecting cables/wires through the walls!
Hope you still feel the same way after what I just posted in the $16,000,000,000,000 thread. :redface:

no need....lockdown:rolleyes:
Hope you still feel the same way after what I just posted in the $16,000,000,000,000 thread. :redface:

Ugh - The thread was already closed. All of the good discussion threads always get closed or deleted, this sucks.

Anyhow, I don't consider my comment racist by any means, I'm responding to my opinion of a statistical fact. I don't know the true numbers, but I would assume its about the same in reverse for Romney. Overall, I really don't care either way and I'm not going to discuss it further, I just wanted to follow up on it here. :)

You still rock though.