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Installing new outer pillar set-A and B. How to get the right fitment?

8 January 2017
South West Florida
My old A and B pillar covers were ruined by a body shop, so I'm installing new pieces.

I'm having trouble eliminating the gap where the two pieces meet near the corner of the window. After everything is screwed together there is a 1/16th gap and the A pillar cover is raised by about 1/16th as well.

Any advice for getting these two pieces to fit correctly, or is this normal?

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Some gap is normal. It varies by car. If you think about the 3D shape that the upper pillar has to fit, it's tough to get a consistent fitment across cars. My guess is that at the factory, they had a max acceptable gap and they would just choose a pillar that fit the best.
Kicking this back up. For the OEM pieces the trick that worked for me is that you have to "assemble" the A and B pillars while off the car, and then place them on the car as a single unit before tightening everything down.

If you try to install one piece on the car, and then the other, you'll end up with a gap.