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Instrument warning lights come on and off

23 June 2008
Carlsbad, CA
randomly when I drive sometimes. Typically it is the Ebrake light on the dash.. it goes on.. stays on for a few minutes.. goes off.. sometimes remains off.. sometimes comes back on.

Two other warning lights do similar things although not as frequently .. anti-lock and traction control.

Obviously, my ebrake is not on and I'm not braking or losing traction.

I suspect this is caused by the Science of Speed chip that I purchased for my car. Does anyone else have similar issues with this chip?

I'm not sure about your ABS and traction control but whenever the e-brake light comes in a Subaru it means your brake fluid is low in your main reservoir. Honda could be the same way.
I don't think it is the chip. The problems you are experiencing are on a separate circuit from the engine ECU.

The Red Brake dash indicator comes in in two circumstances- Parking Brake set or low fluid level from the linear position float in the reservoir. So, I would first check the level and connections at the master cylinder (brake fluid reservoir under the hood). Second I would probably check the lead to the parking brake to ensure it didn't come loose or get squished. Basically, eliminate the easy stuff.

The ABS and TCS malfunction indicator lamps are driven by two independent leads that comes off the ABS and TCS controllers, respectively.

Now, that said the PB lead is spliced half way back the loom on the cabin main harness and goes to the PB input on the TCS (on mine it was the GRN/RED lead) and I believe the ABS might make use of it as well I would have to look.

So, it is plausible that an intermittent short could be triggering all the symptoms. I would have to look into it more to be certain but hopefully that should get you going in the right direction.