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Is the coupe really more rigid than the T with roof ?

4 September 2000
As all of us T owners know, the NSXt with the roof removed tends to be a bit jiggly, although no worse than similar cars I have owned (the c4 Corvette I owned shook like a pig with the roof off). My question, especially directed towards members who have owned both the NSX coupe as well as the T: what is the difference in feel between the Coupe and the NSXt WITH THE ROOF IN PLACE? Can you really tell the difference? I've driven several coupes, but not enough to really form an opinion.

My second question: Are there any aftermarket parts available to stiffen the rigidity of the T? Obviously, I know there are many options to stiffen the suspension, but that's not what I'm interested in.
Yes, a coupe is stiffer than a -T even with the roof on the -T. The '95-'96 are especially flexy, the '97+ models are better but the difference is still noticable.

Nothing currently out there will make the -T as stiff as the coupe. You can add sway bars, a stiffer shock tower brace and perhaps a solid harness bar to reduce the flex a bit but it will never be a coupe.
Of course, if one welded the T roof in place, I betcha the resulting car would be stiffer than the coupe.

But seriously, perhaps there's an aftermarket opportunity to figure out some way to more securely affix the T roof in place. I imagine even if it wasn't easily removed, or had to be removed with tools, that there would a significant number of T owners who would appreciate such a product.


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Having owned and tracked a 95T, a 98T and a 00 Coupe, I'd say the T's definitely have more flex even with the roof on - and not becoming of supposedly one of the best handling cars in the world. The added flex takes a way a bit of the feel that inspires driver confidence in a turn.
Which brings me to a question...

How come every mag out there tests an NSX-T and when they do it always comes up a bit short of the coveted "First Place" or even lower in the line? The only recent magazine review I can recall where a COUPE was tested is the one where Mario Andretti tested a bunch of cars...and the particular NSx they chose for that test was the Zanardi. And it came in 2nd...in that test. I would think if they tested more Coupes...even though there are so few...the reviews and results would be much more favorable in the public eye. But then...does anyone want more people out there buying up the NSX?

I mean if the T is such a great performer like the one they tested at what...4.6/4.8 to 60mph or something...and had great track times...Imagine the difference if they had used a Coupe.

Sorry if I strayed from the original question...but I was just thinking out loud.

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The magazines test whatever model the manufacturer supplies.

The manufacturer supplies the model it's trying to sell - which is the model that's sitting in the showroom.

Since the NSX-T has been out, with the exception of the Zanardis in '99, coupe sales have been very, very low.

Yes, if the coupe were promoted more, it would sell more... but given how difficult the Zanardis were to sell, I don't think it would have much chance of coming close to equalling the sales of the -T.
The Zanardi's did not sell as well or quickly because they were all red. If it had even come in one of the other colors, I would have gotten one. Instead, I got a 00 coupe with improved ABS, improved transmission/shifter with power steering and retrofitted the Type S/Zanardi suspension and wheels!
Your car is indeed rare. I got a 2000 targa in the same color as yours. Sometimes, though, I wish I got a coupe over the targa because I don't really take the top off all that much. I just didn't want to wait to order one and the dealer had one in the showroom collecting dust. I got a great deal and probably paid the same amount as if I had bought a coupe (probably because I wouldn't have got as much off sticker price if I had to special order a coupe and there was no incentive on a 2001 model).

Hi Mike,
Nice to hear from you again. As you know, I had a '94 coupe and with the short time I had my '00 targa I really can't say I can feel any difference as far as chassis rigidity. The suspension certainly is softer and the ride more comfortable. I guess I'll be able to test it out better after I go through the Prime Canyon drive this Sunday. I had a '92 Vet that was just horrible with the top off. I could actually see the dash go up and down when I went into a driveway. So in that regard, the NSX is much superior with the top off versus the Vet. But I'm sure the NSX-T can't be as rigid as the coupe was, as explained by Lud. I guess enjoy the car for what it's worth

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What made me go for the 00 coupe was my 00 S2000 actually. When I got the S2000, I still had my 98T. The S2000 was much much stiffer and provided much better feedback through the steering and chassis than the NSX-T.

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