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Jacking points

4 December 2000
Cary, NC
What are the proper jacking points for the NSX when changing oil, fluids, etc....Should I use the locations listed in the manual or are there better locations to place the jack/jack stands?

Sorry, but if there were 'better' jacking points, don't you think they would have used those? ......... or are they just trying to trick us into using the second best points to jack the car??
Thanks for letting me play and taking it lightly. :}

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Yeah...but those jacking points refer to the use of the emergency tool/jack for tire changing...I'm almost certain that a shop would not use those jack points to lift the car.

Any shop who does not use them is one you SHOULD NOT take your car to. There are special bars under the car just for this purpose and they deffinetly should be used. The middle one's (under each door) are for a floor jack and the four outer one's(far front and rear) are for a four post lift.

They should be used that way.

When I jack mine I jack it on the flat part of the under carragie, right at the edge of the side skirt. Its about 4 inches wide and runs between the wheels. I haven't had any problems jacking it there. I've even put stands under there for weeks at a time to clean under the car and no side affects.
I am not believing this post. Guys we all read our owners manuals right? Lift the thing at the supplied jacking points. Although jacking in the wrong place can be done, it can also be a costly error!
A shop may use a large hydraulic jack but they would adjust it to contact the car at the supplied jacking points.

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Yes I read the manual. The manual doesn't tell you where to put stands when your working on your own car. But if you jack on that flat spot on under the car that I'm talking about nothing will happen. I try and keep the jack and jack stands near the little arrows.