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JDM Wiring diagram needed (Headlamps)

4 February 2005
Surrey (UK)
I'm having some problems with the headlamps on my '97 JDM Type-S. :frown:

The car has Stanley HID projector headlamps for low beam and has developed a fault so that the bulbs (D2S) won't start.

I have replaced the bulbs with known good ones but cannot see the ballasts to work out the wiring to them. The Service manual available to download here (from Prime) is for US/Canada cars only and the headlamp wiring is very differant.

I have tested the voltage supplied to the D2S bulb connectors while unloaded (no bulb connected) and measured approx 55volts which is below the 85volts I expected to find, however this may well be because they are unloaded. Also the ignition voltage (should be >20KV) is at least trying to fire the bulbs when the light switch is turned on as I found to my cost while measuring it. :eek:

Can anybody help with a scan of the 1997-2001 wiring diagram, pics or test procedures.