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3 September 2000
phoenix az, usa
The time for celebration has come....(well at least for me and a few select highway patrolmen)Just picked up a 96 blk/tan targa with 18 & 19 inch Konig Tantrum's...(are these to big to put the performance springs on?)

Any way the car is a blast and I am anxious to join the NSXCA and the Southwest region club, but have had trouble getting their websites to pull up..any suggestions or corect web address?

Thanks and am looking forward to my first NSXPO !

18&19" Konig Tantrums
Congrats on your '93.
If you are planning to lower your NSX consider a few things. Go with the Eibach Pro-Kit instead of the H&R springs; especially since you're running 18" and 19" wheels. There have been too many articles about how the H&R's rub without some kind of wheel well modification.(That's never a good thing.) Also, it depends on the size of tires you have. IMO I think the best tire set up for 18"/19" combo is:
Front: 225/35-18
Rear: 275/30-19
What size tires do you have on there now?

By the way I just bought the Eibach Pro-Kit from Dali Racing on sale for $289 + shipping. You WILL NOT; let me repeat, You WILL NOT find a better deal on these springs ANYWHERE! So get them while they're HOT. I just installed them on my NSX tonight and they look incredible. The ride is also smoother than the stock set up and I also notice less body roll going around corners. Let us know what you decide to go with.

Here's the link to the NSXCA membership form:


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Thanks Chris

The wheel setup is
Front: 225/35
Rear: 245/35

I had H&R springs on my M3 and was pleased with their performance, but I have tested and or used no other type of spring. But based on your experience, I will go with the Eibach kit. Thanks for the heads up.

Hope to see you around...although I am having trouble getting sleep at night because my knee keeps bumping the stereo knob.....: )

18&19" Konig Tantrums

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Just replaced your m3 with an nsx? Im in phoenix and im trying to do the same thing! Did you get the car locally or someplace else if you dont mind me asking? I havent seen many good examples around here. (Im at ASU)

Wow i didnt notice both of you guys were local.. want to give me a ride some time?

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Congrats on your fine purchase. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine.

The URL for the Southwest Region site is:

The link worked when I last tried it.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
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