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M Cano 97 NSX at Thermal Club HPDE During NSXPO 2015 in Palm Springs, CA

Thank you!

I thought I had lost this nice video, and the company we hired to shoot arial videos of NSX’s on the track for a fee, appeared to had gone out of businesses!

During that session I had finally caught up to one the other NSX’s. When I did, the driver gave me a point bye just before coming out of that left hand turn. I got so excited about making my first pass, that I hit the throttle way to hard, while I was stIll in the turn, resulting in an abrupt oversteer situation. I had only one year of experience tracking my 97 NSX at the time, so I was not knowledgeable and skillful enough to squeeze the throttle to prevent the spin in the first place, and then to catch and correct the spin Once it occurred; so off the track I went! Fortunately, the runoff areas were laid with sand, and I did have the wherewithal to immediately put both feet in, so I was able to stop my car before hitting the guardrail, which I saw come into view quickly in my rear view mirror!

My second mistake was coming back onto the track in front of approaching NSX’s. I would have been OK, if my NSX had not gone into “limp mode” which prevented me from accelerating quickly! For that mistake, I was penalized and not allowed to finish the session! Two lessons learned, LOL!

I now have six years of HPDE, Time Trial and Autocross experience, including one Lemons wheel to wheel race; so I would not make that type mistake these days.