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NSXPO 2015: Palm Springs, CA - October 8-11 - www.NSXPO2015.com

22 October 2014
UPDATE 6/2/15: NSXPO registration has closed. See you in October!


On behalf of the NSXPO 2015 Organization Committee, we are very excited to announce the details of NSXPO 2015 in Palm Springs, CA. NSXPO 2015 will be an exciting event - celebrating twenty five years of the NSX in the United States - and will usher in the next generation NSX.

NSXPO 2015 will be held in Palm Springs Thursday October 8 - Sunday October 11.

Palm Springs features an ideal dry desert climate and destination city amenities to best enjoy the NSX. Bring your significant other and enjoy our Host Hotel - the four diamond Agua Caliente Resort & Casino.

NSXPO 2015 will open Thursday at The Palm Springs Air Museum - one of the country's premier historical aviation museums. Our private event will be held on the Museum's international airport side tarmac with the San Jacinto mountains highlighted by the sunset. This will be an exciting venue to welcome you to NSXPO 2015!

We are also very excited to announce that we have gained access to the very exclusive Thermal Raceway in Thermal, CA. Situated thirty minutes away from the host hotel - this facility is brand new and home to BMW's new Performance Driving Center. We will host a driver's dynamic course of autocross and skid pad driving with the track available for our private use for attendees who wish to drive the this brand new circuit with exciting technical hairpins and wide straight-aways. To drive on such a brand new surface is a thrilling opportunity!

While enjoying our cars and company, we will also be able to give back. We are hosting Friday evening's dinner at the non-profit Living Desert Museum - a unique desert conservation center highlighting the beauty of the native Colorado Desert. The next day, we have a thrilling drive through the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains and the famous town of Idyllwild. Enjoy the rest of the day on a hike in Idyllwild, by the pool at the host hotel, or bring your clubs to enjoy the multiple golf courses in the area.
Lastly, we are very excited to announce that our closing ceremonies will be held at our host hotel at "THE SHOW". This auditorium, with 2,000+ seating, will be the first NSXPO closing ceremony to be held in a venue of this scale. Stay tuned for more information about this event - we're excited to bring you something very special!

Your host committee is a dedicated team of individuals that have been working together for the past six months. We are all very excited to share NSXPO 2015 with you and together celebrate twenty five years of the NSX in the United States! Please take a moment to visit the NSXPO 2015 website (www.NSXPO2015.com) and like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NSXPO) for event updates.

NSXPO 2015 general registration opens on May 29, 2015. Existing NSX Club of America members will be given the option of early registration one week before general registration opens (a registration link will be e-mailed to existing members).

Important capacity note: Due to venue capacity restrictions, we have a firm registration limit at 250 attendees. We expect high demand for this event due to the location and the NSX's twenty fifth anniversary. Registration will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. We highly recommend early registration to make sure we can accommodate you!

best regards,

Chris Willson, Event Director
JC Converse, Hotel Director
Jim Cozzolino, Sponsorship Director
John Komar, NSXCA Liaison
Les Rowe, Social Event Director
Tyson Hugie, Drive Director

About the NSX Club of America:
Did you know that the NSX Club of America (www.NSXCA.org) is the underwriter and support organization for NSXPO? Through the organization, the NSXCA provides the financial backing and insurance requirements to put on such as event. In addition to this benefit, the NSXCA provides membership benefits such as the quarterly full color printed NSX Driver Magazine, vendor discounts, and regional support for events to foster and sustain a community of NSX enthusiasts. The NSXCA is an independent and non-profit organization - membership directly allows the Club to exist and make NSXPO happen. Your membership of only $40 per year (or less) is required for NSXPO attendance - and ensures that this and future NSXPOs have the financial backing to continue. Register now - and get advanced registration to NSXPO 2015! Click here to register: www.NSXCA.org




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This sounds like an amazing event. For planning purposes - do we know which days will be the track event? Sunday and Monday after the social portion or Monday Tuesday??
Is anyone planning on bringing their clubs?
With all the events planned,
Drives :cheerful:
Track events :cheerful:
Social events :cheerful:
Vendor events :cheerful:
I would hope that there isn't enough time for golf :cool:
On Saturday after the drive will be plenty of time to golf, shop, hike, go to a spa, take the aerial tramway or whatever you want including resting before our dinner event that night.:smile:
I'm gonna try to make it for a day or two since im on Holiday in Cali at that time :D Can't wait!
PM send with my contact info. Look forward to talking with you.

We are still waiting for vendor information?

Do vendors need to "register" as well or how will the process be different?
You bet !
A pleasure talking with you.
A BIG thank you for your support !

We will be a sponsor at this event so very excited to be offering some cool prizes!
Although I am an "old" member of NSXCA (#20) I do not know what my username or PW is to log on to nsxca website. Of course the automated mailing isn't sending me a link and I'm a paid member...Any ideas? contact people?