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Manual swap

PM Honcho first because he has done exactly that...
Anybody that can replace a NSX clutch can do the job...with the exception of the wiring modification.

What is your budget range for such a change?

What degree of conversion?

The AT2MT process is this:

1. Acquire parts. Depends on your budget will take 1-2 year(s). Transmission and shifter are the big ones. WhrdNSX and ATR Racing are regular sources. Yes, out of USA because RHD NSX's have the MT production flipped with LHD/USDM production. Honcho and I have a good checklist.

The good news about acquiring a complete MT kit is that it will be quite valuable, so you won't lose any money on this.

2. Physical Installation, any place that can do a NSX clutch can do this. If you want an OEM clutch pipe, you will need to remove most of the interior to the point where you should consider removing the dash: servicing the evap, mac box (clean, foam seals, and lube), and send the cluster out. The fuel tank will have to be removed, so might as well replace the fuel pump.

3. Electrical, this is where labor gets expensive. This will require an electrical shop, but the work is reasonably well documented. I built a PnP harness from salvaged connectors which worked very well, which would cost several hundred to replicate (It would probably take $1K for me to build another one). The cluster tach is different, which would cost ~$600 to convert and you might as well change out the caps for another $600. Modify the flasher for LED bulbs too.

It would be hard to justify the conversion for a non-DIY, but it's your money.

The "might as well" work can get quite costly but is highly recommended. You will find a lot of little things that should be replaced to get quite long and the supply chain delay will really impact the shop floor time. Waiting around 2-6 weeks for an internal steering bushing or a gasket can be quite maddening.

I did the conversion as I found the that AT NSX is really good.
>Are people really paying $600 for cluster capacitor jobs?

Seems to be the going rate in JP and Oceania.

Changing out the caps can change the response of the gauge. While the accuracy of the tach isn't really an issue, the accuracy of the speedo probably is.

Just need [MENTION=30613]Heineken[/MENTION]'s Cluster Calibrator and you are set, get one while he has them in production.
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I don’t plan on diy. My budget is 10-12k with parts and labor.

So basically the hardest part is look for manual transmission and shifter ? All other parts are available from dealer ?